Unlock New Trading Opportunities in Pokemon Go with Extended Trading Distance

Unlock New Trading Opportunities in Pokémon Go with Extended Trading Distance

Pokémon Go has been a hit among gamers and fans around the world since its release in 2016. This augmented-reality game has been entertaining millions of people around the world, and in 2020, with the pandemic, it helped players maintain their sanity by providing a fun and engaging way to explore the world around them while staying safe.

One of the biggest draws of Pokémon Go is the trading feature. Trading allows players to swap Pokémon with friends, increasing their chances of acquiring rare and sought-after Pokémons. However, trading had limitations as players had to be in close proximity to each other to execute a trade.

To enhance the trading feature and offer new opportunities for players during the pandemic, Niantic, the game developer, introduced the Extended Trading Distance feature in Pokémon Go. This feature has revolutionized the game, and in this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using the Extended Trading Distance feature in Pokémon Go.

What is Extended Trading Distance?

Extended Trading Distance is a new feature that allows players to execute trades with trainers that are farther away than before. The feature was introduced as part of Pokémon Go’s response to the pandemic, which restricted movement and contact, limiting trading opportunities for players worldwide.

With this new feature, players can now trade with anyone they have become ultra or best friends with, without having to be next to each other.

Benefits of using the Extended Trading Distance Feature

1. The extended trading distance feature increases your chances of finding rare Pokémon. With this feature, players can connect with trainers who have Pokémons they want and/or can offer them a trade for unique Pokémons they own.

2. The feature enables players to create and maintain connections with other trainers who may live far away. This has helped players, especially during the pandemic, to socialize with other trainers worldwide, making the game more exciting.

3. The extended trading distance feature has also enabled trainers to trade Pokémons that cross different regions or continents. Through these trades, players can acquire Pokémons that are native to other countries, making the game more engaging, fun, and exciting.

4. Players can also trade with their friends who may not live in the same country or region, without incurring high travel costs or taking time off work.

5. The feature adds a new level of flexibility to the game. As a trainer, you can trade Pokémons without having to leave your home, which is convenient when you’re not in the mood for a stroll outside, or when the weather is bad.

How to use Extended Trading Distance

To use the feature, players must have become ultra or best friends with the trainer they want to trade with. Then, they can select the friend from their friend list, tap on the trade option, and pick the Pokémon they want to trade.

It’s important to note that this feature is available only for ultra or best friends, and if you want to use it, you need to keep building your friendship with other trainers.


The Extended Trading Distance feature has revolutionized the trading feature in Pokémon Go, allowing players to connect with others worldwide and acquire rare Pokémons. It’s convenient, easy to use, and adds a new level of excitement to the game.

Through this feature, players have been able to maintain connections with friends despite geographic barriers, making Pokémon Go an excellent game for socialization and entertainment.


Q: Can I use the extended trading distance feature with any trainer?

No. The feature is available only to trainers who have become ultra or best friends.

Q: How do I become ultra or best friends with other trainers?

You can achieve ultra or best friend status with other trainers by constantly sending gifts to each other, battling together, and participating in raids together.

Q: Can I trade with trainers who speak a different language?

Yes. Through the extended trading distance feature, players can trade with trainers worldwide, regardless of the language.

Q: Can I trade Pokémons I’ve received in trades with other trainers?

Yes. Players can trade Pokémons they’ve received in trades with other trainers they are ultra or best friends with.

Q: How many Pokémons can I trade with a single trainer using the extended trading feature?

Players can trade only one Pokémon per trade with trainers, but they can conduct multiple trades with the same trainer.

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