Unleashing the Ultimate Poker Build in Elden Ring: Death’s Deck Revealed

Unleashing the Ultimate Poker Build in Elden Ring: Death’s Deck Revealed

Elden Ring has finally arrived, bringing with it a new take on the action role-playing game genre. But instead of traditional weapons and spells, players will use cards to defeat enemies in the game’s unique poker-based combat system.

One of the most powerful decks at the player’s disposal in Elden Ring is the Death’s Deck. Read on for a guide on how to unleash the ultimate poker build using Death’s Deck.

Deck Composition

The Death’s Deck is a strong deck due to its high attack and defense values. Its composition is as follows:

– 4 cards with Spades rank between 10 and Ace
– 4 cards with Diamonds rank between 10 and Ace
– 4 cards with Clubs rank between 10 and Ace
– 4 cards with Hearts rank between 10 and Ace
– 4 cards with Jokers

This deck has a total of 20 cards, with the four Jokers acting as wild cards.


To maximize the potential of this deck, players should focus on two main strategies: attacking and defending.

In terms of attacking, players should aim to get as many high-ranking cards as possible during their turn. This means taking risks and discarding weak cards to draw better ones. Players should also use the Jokers to their advantage, as they can act as any card in the deck.

For defense, players should aim to block their opponents’ attacks by matching their ranks. For example, if an opponent plays a card with a Spades rank of 10, the player should play a card with either a Spades rank of 10 or higher to block the attack.

Players should also keep an eye on their opponent’s discard pile to see what cards they are missing. This can give players an advantage in the game, as they can try to hoard those cards to prevent their opponents from completing their own poker hands.

Combining Attacks and Defenses

To truly unleash the power of the Death’s Deck, players should focus on combining both attacks and defenses.

One effective strategy is to hoard high-ranking cards in one suit, such as Spades, and play them all at once during a poker hand to quickly take down an enemy. Players can also use the Jokers strategically to create stronger hands.

At the same time, players should also have a hand full of matching ranks in different suits to defend against enemy attacks.


1. What is the Death’s Deck in Elden Ring?
– The Death’s Deck is one of the decks in Elden Ring’s unique poker-based combat system.

2. How many cards are in the Death’s Deck?
– The Death’s Deck has 20 cards, including four Jokers.

3. What is the strategy for using the Death’s Deck?
– The strategy for using the Death’s Deck involves a combination of attacking and defending. Players should aim for high-ranking cards, use Jokers strategically, and match ranks to defend against enemy attacks.

4. Can players customize the Death’s Deck?
– Yes, players can customize the Death’s Deck by adding or removing cards to suit their playstyle.

5. What are some other decks in Elden Ring?
– Other decks in Elden Ring include the Fire Deck, Ice Deck, and Earth Deck, among others.

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