Unleashing the Power: Unboxing and Reviewing Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition

Unleashing the Power: Unboxing and Reviewing Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition

When it comes to highly anticipated video games, there are few that match the level of excitement and hype that surrounded Infamous Second Son upon its release in 2014. Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, the game was the third entry in the popular Infamous franchise, and featured an all-new protagonist in Delsin Rowe, a rebellious street artist with superhuman abilities. In addition to its thrilling gameplay and engaging storyline, Infamous Second Son also offered fans an opportunity to indulge in some collector’s edition items, which we’ll delve into in this article.

Unboxing the Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition

The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition came packed with a variety of exclusive items that were sure to please any fan of the game. The first thing you notice when you open the box is the impressive-looking statue of Delsin, standing at 9 inches tall, with intricate details and a striking pose. He’s perched atop a chimney and, with a finger raised to his lips, gives the impression that he’s stealthily surveying his surroundings, ready to strike.

Alongside the statue, the Collector’s Edition also included a replica of Delsin’s beanie, featuring a small bird logo on the front. This was a great touch and will make any fan feel like they’re part of the game’s universe, especially for those who want to cosplay as Delsin.

In addition to the statue and beanie, the Collector’s Edition came with a number of in-game extras. These included access to the Cole’s Legacy DLC, which offered some additional missions that served as a bridge between Infamous 2 and Second Son, as well as some exclusive in-game vests and decals.

Reviewing the Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition

As soon as you take a closer look at the Delsin statue, you can see the level of detail that went into creating it. The paint job is superb, with vibrant colors and shading that do justice to the game’s art style. The level of detail in the sculpting is also impressive, with intricate patterns etched into the fabric of Delsin’s jacket and the brickwork of the chimney.

The beanie, while a small item, is a nice touch that adds to the immersive experience of owning the Collector’s Edition. It’s well made, and the attention to detail is evident in the bird logo, which is small but accurately represents the game’s branding.

The in-game extras that came with the Collector’s Edition offer players some great bonuses. The Cole’s Legacy DLC is a welcome addition, offering players a chance to dive deeper into the Infamous universe and get a better understanding of Delsin’s backstory. The exclusive vests and decals also add some extra flair to the game, allowing players to customize their experience and stand out from others.


1. Can I still buy the Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition?
A: Unfortunately, the Collector’s Edition is a limited edition release, meaning it was only available for a specific period of time. It’s possible to find it on the secondary market, but expect to pay a premium.

2. What platforms is Infamous Second Son available on?
A: Infamous Second Son was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

3. Can I play the game without owning the Collector’s Edition?
A: Yes, the Collector’s Edition items are purely cosmetic and don’t affect the gameplay at all. You can still enjoy the game without them.

4. Is Infamous Second Son worth playing?
A: Absolutely. Infamous Second Son received critical acclaim upon its release for its engaging story, thrilling gameplay, and impressive graphics.

5. Are there any other Collector’s Editions for the Infamous franchise?
A: Yes, there are. The original Infamous game had a Collector’s Edition that included a replica of protagonist Cole’s messenger bag, while Infamous 2 had a Collector’s Edition that included a replica of Cole’s backpack.

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