Unleashing the Power of Light Clay in Pokemon Unbound: A Guide to Dominating Battles!

Title: Unleashing the Power of Light Clay in Pokemon Unbound: A Guide to Dominating Battles!

Pokemon Unbound is one of the most popular Pokemon ROM hacks out there, and it’s no wonder why. It features a sprawling world with tons of content to explore and plenty of challenging battles to take on. But if you want to truly dominate your opponents, you need to learn how to unleash the power of Light Clay. This guide will show you how.

What is Light Clay?

Light Clay is a held item that increases the duration of certain moves. Specifically, it extends the duration of Light Screen and Reflect. These moves reduce the damage your Pokemon take from special and physical attacks, respectively, and with Light Clay, they’ll last much longer.

Using Light Clay in Battles

In battles, Light Clay can be a game-changer. If you’re facing off against a special attacker, you can use Light Screen to reduce the damage your entire team takes from special attacks. And if you’re up against a physical attacker, Reflect can do the same for physical attacks.

But the real power of Light Clay comes from its extended duration. Normally, Light Screen and Reflect only last for five turns. With Light Clay, though, they’ll last for eight turns. That’s a huge increase in the amount of time your Pokemon will be protected.

Combining Light Clay with Other Strategies

Of course, Light Clay isn’t the only item you should be using in battles. There are plenty of other items that can help your Pokemon shine, such as Choice items, Life Orb, and Leftovers. But Light Clay can definitely be a key part of your strategy, especially if you’re going up against a team that relies heavily on special or physical attacks.

It’s also worth noting that Light Clay works well with certain moves and abilities. For example, if you have a Pokemon with the ability Light Screen, using Light Clay will make its protective powers even stronger. And if you have a Pokemon with the move Baton Pass, you can pass Light Screen or Reflect to another Pokemon and extend its duration even further.


In short, if you want to dominate battles in Pokemon Unbound, you need to unleash the power of Light Clay. By extending the duration of Light Screen and Reflect, you can protect your Pokemon for much longer, giving you an edge in tough battles. Just don’t forget to combine Light Clay with other items, moves, and abilities to really maximize its potential.


1. Can Light Clay be used in competitive play?
Yes, Light Clay is a legal item in competitive play and can be a great asset to your team.

2. Which Pokemon should I give Light Clay to?
Pokemon with Light Screen or Reflect are the most obvious choices, but you can also give it to Pokemon with the ability to pass on those moves, such as Smeargle or Ninjask.

3. Can a single Pokemon hold multiple Light Clays?
No, each Pokemon can only hold one item at a time.

4. Can Light Clay be combined with other protective moves, like Safeguard or Mist?
Yes, Light Screen and Reflect can be used in conjunction with other protective moves, but keep in mind that they all take up valuable move slots.

5. Is Light Clay worth using in single battles, or is it better suited for double battles?
Light Clay can be effective in both single and double battles, but it may be more useful in double battles where Pokemon are more likely to switch in and out.

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