Unleashing the Power of Kricketot in Battle: From Rookie to Arceus

Unleashing the Power of Kricketot in Battle: From Rookie to Arceus

Kricketot, the Cricket Pokemon, is often overlooked by many trainers due to its low base stats and initial lack of powerful moves. However, with the right training and strategy, Kricketot can become a valuable asset in any battle, capable of taking down even the strongest opponents.

1. Starting with the Basics: Kricketot’s Stats and Abilities

Kricketot is a Bug-type Pokemon with a base stat total of 194. Its abilities include Swarm, which increases the power of Bug-type moves when its HP is low, and Shed Skin, which has a chance of healing any status condition Kricketot is afflicted with when the turn ends. Its movepool is limited at first, but it learns more powerful moves as it levels up.

2. Training and Evolving Kricketot

One of the first steps to unleashing Kricketot’s full potential is to train it efficiently. Focus on increasing its Attack and Speed stats, which are its strongest assets. EV training it in Attack and Speed will help it pack a punch and outspeed its opponents. Additionally, making use of its ability, Swarm, can give Kricketot a powerful boost in battle.

Kricketot evolves into Kricketune once it reaches level 10. Kricketune has significantly better stats, with a base stat total of 384. It has higher Attack and Speed, as well as access to more powerful moves like X-Scissor and Boomburst. Evolving Kricketot is essential for unlocking its full potential.

3. Movesets and Strategies

Kricketot’s initial moveset includes only weak moves like Growl and Bide. However, it learns stronger moves as it levels up, like Bug Bite, Fury Cutter, and Struggle Bug. Once evolved, Kricketune gains access to even more powerful moves, like Drill Run and U-Turn.

One effective strategy is to utilize Kricketune’s high Speed and Attack stats to deal massive damage quickly. Use moves like Swords Dance to boost Kricketune’s Attack, then follow up with a powerful move like X-Scissor to deal significant damage. Alternatively, use Kricketune’s ability, Technician, which boosts the power of any move with a base power of 60 or less, with moves like Fury Cutter or Mega Drain.

4. Kricketune in Competitive Play

Kricketune is generally not seen as a top-tier Pokemon in competitive play due to its weaknesses and low base stats. However, it can still be a valuable asset in the right circumstances. Its ability, Technician, combined with its good Speed and Attack stats, make it an effective choice for a Choice Band set. It can also be used as a revenge killer with moves like U-Turn.

5. Bringing Kricketune to the Next Level: From Rookie to Arceus

Kricketune may seem like a weak and forgettable Pokemon at first, but with the right training and strategy, it can become a powerful force in any battle. Its unique abilities and high Attack and Speed stats make it a valuable asset on any team. With practice and dedication, Kricketune can evolve from a rookie into a formidable opponent, capable of taking on even legendary Pokemon like Arceus.


1. What is Kricketot’s base stat total?
Kricketot’s base stat total is 194.

2. What are Kricketot’s abilities?
Kricketot’s abilities are Swarm and Shed Skin.

3. How can I train Kricketot effectively?
Focus on increasing its Attack and Speed stats, and utilize its ability, Swarm, which can give it a powerful boost in battle.

4. What moves are good for Kricketune?
Moves like Swords Dance, X-Scissor, and Fury Cutter are effective for Kricketune.

5. Is Kricketune a good Pokemon for competitive play?
While Kricketune may not be top-tier in competitive play, it can still be a valuable asset with the right moveset and strategy.

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