Unleashing the Power of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring – A Guide to Dominate the Game!

When it comes to the highly anticipated game Elden Ring, there are few builds more devastating than the Death’s Poker build. This build centers around the use of a unique weapon known as the Death’s Poker, which deals massive damage and can stun opponents. But how do you master this build and dominate your opponents? In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into the Death’s Poker build and show you how to unleash its full power in Elden Ring.

Understanding the Death’s Poker Build

Before we can dive into the specifics of the Death’s Poker build, it’s important to understand the weapon itself. The Death’s Poker is a spear-like weapon that deals high damage and can stun enemies with its charged R2 attack. This makes it an ideal weapon for dealing with tougher enemies and bosses.

To utilize the Death’s Poker build to its full potential, you’ll want to focus on increasing your Strength and Dexterity stats. These are the key stats that will dictate how much damage you deal with the weapon. You’ll also want to invest in Endurance to ensure you have enough stamina to attack and dodge effectively.

In addition to these stats, there are a few key items and abilities that can help you maximize the effectiveness of the Death’s Poker. The Ring of Blades, for example, increases the weapon’s damage output, while the Stone Ring can increase its stun potential. The Old Leo Ring is also a great choice for this build, as it increases the damage of counter attacks.

Building Your Character

Now that you understand the basics of the Death’s Poker build, it’s time to start building your character. As mentioned earlier, you’ll want to focus on increasing your Strength and Dexterity stats, as these will have the biggest impact on your damage output. Additionally, investing in Endurance and Vitality can help ensure you have enough stamina and health to survive in combat.

When it comes to selecting your starting class, the Knight is a solid choice for the Death’s Poker build. This class starts with a high Strength and Dexterity stat, making it easier to level up these stats early on. You could also consider selecting the Bandit for its high starting Dexterity stat.

It’s also important to note that you’ll want to upgrade your Death’s Poker as soon as possible. This will increase its damage output and make it more effective in combat. You can upgrade the weapon by using Titanite Shards and Large Titanite Shards, which can be found throughout the game world.

Mastering the Playstyle

With your character built and your weapon upgraded, it’s time to start mastering the Death’s Poker playstyle. One of the key things to keep in mind when using this weapon is that it has a longer range than most other weapons in Elden Ring. This means you can stay back and poke at enemies from a safe distance, making it easier to avoid their attacks.

Another important aspect of this playstyle is mastering the charged R2 attack. This attack can stun enemies, giving you an opportunity to attack them while they’re vulnerable. It’s also a great way to stagger bosses, making them easier to deal with.

When it comes to dodging, you’ll want to focus on rolling rather than blocking. Rolling allows you to quickly move out of harm’s way and avoid attacks, which is essential for any build that focuses on melee combat. It’s also important to use your surroundings to your advantage, such as luring enemies into narrow spaces where they’re easier to deal with.


The Death’s Poker build is a powerful choice for anyone looking to dominate in Elden Ring. With its high damage output and stun potential, this weapon can take down even the toughest enemies and bosses in the game. By focusing on increasing your Strength and Dexterity stats, utilizing key items and abilities, and mastering the playstyle, you can unleash the full power of the Death’s Poker and emerge victorious in every battle.


1. Can the Death’s Poker build be used for PvP combat as well?

Yes, the Death’s Poker build can be effective in PvP combat as well, particularly when using the charged R2 attack to stun opponents.

2. What is the best armor to use with the Death’s Poker build?

This depends on your playstyle and personal preference. Some players prefer lighter armor that allows for more mobility, while others prefer heavier armor that provides better defense.

3. Is it possible to parry with the Death’s Poker?

No, the Death’s Poker cannot be used to parry attacks. However, its charged R2 attack can be used to stun opponents, making it a useful defensive tool.

4. Can the Death’s Poker be used in combination with magic or miracles?

Yes, the Death’s Poker can be used in combination with other spells and abilities. This can allow for even greater versatility in combat.

5. Is the Death’s Poker build viable for new players?

While the Death’s Poker build can be powerful, it may not be the easiest build for new players to use. It requires a certain level of skill and timing to use effectively, so it may be better for more experienced players.

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