Unleashing the Power of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide to Crushing Your Enemies in Style

Unleashing the Power of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide to Crushing Your Enemies in Style

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated video game from FromSoftware and Bandai Namco, has created quite a buzz in the gaming community for its unique gameplay mechanics and epic storyline. With the game’s release fast approaching, players are eagerly preparing for their journey through the fantastical world of Elden Ring. One build that has been gaining popularity among players is the Death’s Poker Build, which offers a devastating combination of speed, agility, and brute strength.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the Death’s Poker Build and explore how you can unleash its full potential to crush your enemies in style. We’ll cover everything from the best weapons and armor to use, to the most effective tactics to take down even the toughest foes.

Understanding the Death’s Poker Build

Before we dive into the specifics of the Death’s Poker Build, let’s first take a look at what makes it so powerful. This build relies on a combination of speed, agility, and brute strength to overwhelm your enemies. It involves wielding a fast and deadly weapon, such as a spear or rapier, and combining it with quick bursts of movement to dodge enemy attacks and strike back with deadly precision.

To make the most of this build, you’ll need to prioritize dexterity and endurance in your stats. Focus on leveling up these attributes early on in the game to maximize your damage output and stamina. You’ll also want to invest in light armor, as this will allow you to move quickly and evade enemy attacks more easily.

Best Weapons and Armor for the Death’s Poker Build

When it comes to weapons, the spear is the ideal choice for the Death’s Poker Build. Spears offer excellent range and damage output, allowing you to deal devastating blows to your enemies from a safe distance.

In terms of armor, you’ll want to look for lightweight sets that offer good protection without compromising your mobility. The Assassin’s Set and the Black Leather Set are both excellent choices for the Death’s Poker Build, as they offer great defense against physical attacks while still allowing for quick and nimble movement.

Effective Tactics for the Death’s Poker Build

Now that we’ve covered the basic components of the Death’s Poker Build, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the most effective tactics you can use to take down even the toughest enemies in Elden Ring.

One important strategy to master is the art of dodging. By dodging at the right time, you can avoid taking damage from enemy attacks and set yourself up for a devastating counterattack. Practice your timing and movement until it becomes second nature, and you’ll find yourself able to dance circles around even the most imposing foes.

Another key strategy is to use your speed and mobility to your advantage. By keeping your distance and darting around the battlefield, you can draw enemies into positions where you can strike them down with ease. This is especially effective when facing off against larger or more heavily armored enemies, as they will have a harder time keeping up with your rapid movements.


The Death’s Poker Build is a powerful and versatile playstyle that offers a thrilling and dynamic combat experience in Elden Ring. By mastering the art of speed and agility, and combining it with deadly precision and brute strength, you can crush your enemies in style and emerge victorious from every encounter.


1. Are there any other weapons that can be used effectively with the Death’s Poker Build?
Yes, there are several other weapons that can work well with this build, such as rapiers and katanas. Experiment with different weapons to find the one that best suits your playstyle.

2. What skills should I look for when leveling up my character for the Death’s Poker Build?
Dexterity and endurance should be your top priorities, as these stats will increase your damage output and stamina, respectively.

3. What are some good runes to use with the Death’s Poker Build?
Runes that increase your speed and agility, such as the Quickstep Rune and the Lightfoot Rune, can be extremely effective with this playstyle.

4. How do I deal with enemies that have high resistance to piercing damage?
In these cases, you’ll want to switch to a weapon with higher blunt damage, such as a mace or hammer.

5. Can the Death’s Poker Build be used effectively in both PVP and PVE?
Yes, this build can be devastating in both player versus player and player versus environment scenarios, as long as you master the tactics and strategies that make it so effective.

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