Unleashing the Deadly Potential of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide for Gamers

Unleashing the Deadly Potential of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide for Gamers

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated games of 2022 with fans eagerly awaiting its arrival. Developed by FromSoftware, the creator of Dark Souls and Bloodborne series, this RPG game is expected to be a massive hit among gamers. The game features a unique build known as Death’s Poker, which has gained much attention among players. This build is well-suited for those who love to engage in the game’s melee combat and thrive on taking down their opponents using blade and blood. In this article, we will take a closer look at Death’s Poker builds, how to optimize them, and unleash their deadly potential.

What is Death’s Poker Build, and why is it sought after?

Death’s Poker build is a melee build that focuses on dexterity, speed, and critical hits. This build relies on weapons such as a dagger, rapier, and curved sword, that provide maximum damage output with every critical hit. This makes the Death’s Poker build one of the most deadly builds in Elden Ring as it allows players to inflict massive amounts of damage in a fraction of seconds.

The build is popular among players because it offers maximum agility, speed, and evasiveness. Players can quickly dodge and weave through their opponent’s attacks, launch consecutive critical hits, and take down opponents before they even know what hit them. The build requires a certain level of precision and skill to master, but once mastered, it can dominate the battlefield with ease.

How to optimize Death’s Poker build?

To optimize the Death’s Poker build, players need to focus on dexterity and critical damage while also considering stamina and endurance. Dexterity is essential because it determines the effectiveness of weapons such as the dagger and rapier. Critical damage increases the chances of inflicting critical hits and multiplying the damage output, making it a key stat for this build. Players should also consider stamina and endurance as they directly impact the player’s ability to dodge and perform multiple critical hits. Investing in vitality is also crucial as it increases the player’s health, allowing them to withstand enemy attacks and deal more damage.

Players should also consider weapon infusions that further boost the critical damage output of the weapon. Blood infusion is particularly useful in enhancing the Death’s Poker build as it increases the weapon’s base damage while sacrificing health points. Players should also equip rings that boost critical damage or dexterity, such as the Hornet Ring or the Ring of Blades.

Tips for dominating with Death’s Poker build

To fully utilize the potential of Death’s Poker build, players must master the art of critical hits and dodging. Timing is crucial when using this build, as players need to land their critical hits at the right time to inflict maximum damage. Here are some tips to help you get started with this build:

1. Master dodging: The key to success with Death’s Poker build lies in the ability to quickly dodge and evade enemy attacks. Practice dodging to get a feel for the timing and technique required to effectively dodge enemy attacks.

2. Upgrade your weapons and armor: Upgrade your weapons and armor as soon as possible to keep up with the game’s difficulty level. Focus on infusing your weapons with blood to increase the critical damage output.

3. Use fast, agile weapons: Death’s Poker build is all about speed, so equip weapons such as daggers, curved swords, or rapiers that are agile and allow quick movements.

4. Be patient: Death’s Poker build is a high-risk, high-reward build, so patience is essential. Wait for the right moment to strike and land critical hits on opponents.


In conclusion, the Death’s Poker build in Elden Ring is a unique and deadly build favored by many players. It requires precision, skill, and patience to master, but once mastered, it can dominate the game with ease. By prioritizing dexterity, critical damage, stamina, and vitality, and equipping weapons and rings that boost critical hits and weapon damage, players can take full advantage of the potential of this build. With the tips and techniques discussed in this guide, gamers can become adept at Death’s Poker build, unleashing its full potential, and dominating Elden Ring’s battlefield.


1. Is Death’s Poker build ideal for PvP?

Yes, Death’s Poker build is perfect for PvP as it allows the player to quickly dodge attacks and inflict massive damage on opponents.

2. Can Death’s Poker build be combined with magic?

Yes, Death’s Poker build can be mixed with magic to enhance its abilities further. Players can use spells to quickly close the gap with enemies or inflict damage.

3. What is the best weapon for Death’s Poker build?

The best weapon for Death’s Poker build is the dagger, rapier or curved sword, with a blood infusion to enhance critical damage output.

4. Is vital stat important for Death’s Poker build?

Yes, vital stats are crucial for Death’s Poker build as it increases the player’s health, allowing them to withstand enemy attacks and deal more damage.

5. Can Death’s Poker build work without investing in strength?

Yes, the Death’s Poker build does not require a high investment in strength, making it perfect for dexterity-based characters who prioritize speed and agility over brute strength.

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