Unleashing Death’s Poker Build: Mastering Elden Ring’s Deadliest Strategy

As the highly anticipated Elden Ring approaches its impending release date, players are eagerly anticipating the game’s compelling combat system, which is known for its challenging, strategic, and rewarding gameplay. Among the many strategies that players can employ, the “Death’s Poker Build” has emerged as one of the deadliest and most popular strategies in Elden Ring.

In this article, we will dive into the specifics of the Death’s Poker Build, how to master it, and its unique advantages in combat situations.

What is the Death’s Poker Build?

At its core, the Death’s Poker Build is a strategy that focuses on quick, devastating damage output, primarily through critical hits and parry attacks. This build utilizes the Spear weapon class in Elden Ring, known for its high critical hit damage and decent parry frames.

Players employing this strategy play carefully, analyzing their opponents’ attacks while waiting for the right moment to strike with a precise parry or backstab. This build demands players have excellent timing and patience, as they must wait for the perfect opportunity to strike and quickly follow up with a fatal blow.

Mastering the Key Elements of the Death’s Poker Build

To master the Death’s Poker Build, players must understand and perfect a few critical elements of the strategy. These elements include weapon selection, timing, and positioning.

Weapon selection is essential when using this build. Players should opt for a Spear-type weapon that deals high critical hit damage like the Silver Spear or the Winged Spear. These Spear types have a longer range than other weapon types, allowing players to potentially hit critical hits.

Timing is also critical when playing the Death’s Poker Build. Players must master the art of parrying and dodging to exploit opponents’ attacks’ openings. Only by understanding and exploiting enemy attack patterns can players land the critical hits that make this build so deadly.

Positioning is crucial in any combat situation, but it is especially important when employing the Death’s Poker Build. Players must always position themselves in a way that allows them to effectively parry or backstab enemies. By maintaining a distance to entice their foes and tempting their enemy to attack, the player gains the ability to maneuver the enemy into an advantageous position.

Understanding the Advantages of the Death’s Poker Build

By mastering the Death’s Poker Build, players gain several significant advantages in combat situations.

Firstly, the build’s high critical hit damage allows players to take down powerful foes quickly. Utilizing this build allows players with low health pools, to deal critical hits and potentially win battles that other weapons couldn’t shake.

Additionally, the quick and deadly nature of the Death’s Poker Build means players can take out multiple enemies in rapid succession. When used correctly, this build becomes players’ most reliable option when fighting multiple enemies.


The Death’s Poker Build is an incredibly deadly and strategic option that should be in any skilled Elden Ring player’s arsenal. By understanding and mastering the build’s critical elements, players become a formidable presence on the battlefield capable of quickly dispatching even the most challenging enemy. While Elden Ring is undoubtedly going to be a challenging game, players utilizing the Death’s Poker Build will most definitely be up for the challenge.


1. How do I parry effectively using the Death’s Poker Build?

To parry effectively in Elden Ring utilizing the Death’s Poker Build, wait for the opponent to attack, and tap the parry button the second right before the attack hits you. Parrying can be challenging at first, but training with a few easy enemies would help.

2. What are the best Spear-type weapons for the Death’s Poker Build?

Silver Spear, Winged Spear, Demon’s Spear, and Pike are the best Spear-type weapons to use when employing the Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring.

3. What is the best armor to use with the Death’s Poker Build?

Armor that provides balance between defense and mobility is the best armor to use with the Death’s Poker Build. Elite Knight Armor set or something similar should work well.

4. What should I be careful of while using the Death’s Poker Build?

The Death’s Poker Build requires timing, patience, and excellent positioning. Make sure to keep an EQ load below 70 to maintain good mobility.

5. What’s the best order of attacking? Do I spam or parry?

The Death’s poker build primarily utilizes parrying attacks, but sometimes it can be too risky. It’s best to mix between back attacks and parries, but do not succumb to spamming your attack. Employ the strategy of the build based on your enemy.

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