Unleashing Death’s Poker Build: Mastering Elden Ring’s Deadliest Combos

Unleashing Death’s Poker Build: Mastering Elden Ring’s Deadliest Combos

If you are an avid Elden Ring player or just starting out, you’ll know that certain builds work better than others. These are essential in helping you achieve your goals while navigating the game’s perilous world. One such build is Death’s Poker Build, a combination of skills and equipment guaranteed to win battles.

What is Death’s Poker Build?

To understand Death’s Poker Build, you first need to understand the different skills that work together to make it successful. These skills include dexterity, luck, and strength, and when combined, they give the player significant advantages.

To begin, you’ll need to focus your character’s skill points in Dexterity. A Dexterity-heavy build will allow your character to be agile, avoid damage, and land multiple hits on enemies.

Next, you’ll need to invest in the Luck attribute. Luck increases the chances of finding rare items and also increases the critical hit percentage. When combined with Dexterity, it gives players the upper hand in battles.

Finally, Strength is crucial as it increases the damage dealt per hit. When combined with the critical hit chance from Luck and the speed from Dexterity, it results in a deadly and efficient build.

Weapons and Armor for Death’s Poker Build

Now that you understand the essential skills for Death’s Poker Build, let’s talk weapons and armor.

When it comes to weapons, sharp and piercing weapons work best for this build. These include weapons like rapiers or daggers. Using a weapon that benefits from Dexterity scaling and critical hit damage can improve the chances of success in battles. As for armor, lightweight and agile armor that focuses on Dexterity and Luck are best for this build.

Combos and Strategies

With your character’s skills and equipment set up, it’s time to start focusing on the combos and strategies that work best for Death’s Poker Build. First, use light attacks to chip away at an enemy’s health. Once an enemy is vulnerable, use strong attacks to finish them off.

Combining fast attacks with evasive maneuvers will be useful in avoiding enemy attacks while also allowing for critical hits. Using parrying is also essential to this build, as it allows for a chance to stun enemies and deal massive critical hit damage.


By following these strategies and tactics, you’ll be well on your way to mastering Elden Ring’s deadliest combo – Death’s Poker Build. With the right skills, weapons, and armor, you’ll be able to take on any enemy in the game with unprecedented success.


Q1. Can Death’s Poker Build work with heavy weapons and armor?

No, as the build heavily relies on speed and agility, using heavy weapons and armor will impede its effectiveness.

Q2. Is this build ideal for PVP battles?

While it can work in PVP battles, it may not be as successful due to the unpredictability of human opponents.

Q3. What is the best rapier to use in this build?

The Ricard’s Rapier is the best rapier for this build, as it deals significant damage when executing multiple hit combos.

Q4. Is this build viable for NG+ and beyond?

Yes, it is. As your character scales with each playthrough, Death’s Poker Build can become even more effective in taking down challenging enemies.

Q5. Are there any weaknesses to this build?

While effective in most situations, this build can struggle in areas with multiple enemies, as it relies on fast movement and evasion. In these situations, you may want to switch to a more defensive build.

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