Unleashing Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: Master Your Strategy Now

Unleashing Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: Master Your Strategy Now

Elden Ring is the latest release in FromSoftware’s long-standing tradition of challenging action-RPGs. Players can dive into a rich world filled with danger and ominous creatures, and the combat system allows for a variety of playstyles. One of the most interesting and powerful builds available to players is the Death’s Poker Build. In this article, we’ll explore what it takes to master this build and come out on top.

Understanding the Death’s Poker Build

The Death’s Poker Build is centered around using the Polearm weapon class in conjunction with a particular set of armor to create a powerful and resilient character. The player will need to have a decent amount of experience in combat to make the build work, but by following a few crucial steps, it can be devastatingly effective.

Step 1: Choose the Right Weapon

The Polearm class of weapons includes spears, glaives, halberds, and other long-range options. The key to the Death’s Poker Build is to use a weapon with an extended reach, allowing the player to hit opponents from a safe distance. A good option for this build is the Black Halberd or the Winged Spear, both of which have excellent reach and can deal significant damage.

Step 2: Get the Right Armor

Next, the player will need to equip the right armor to make the build work. The set of armor with high defense and poise is essential to the Death’s Poker Build. The Black Iron Set, which has high resistance to fire damage and a lot of poise, is an excellent choice for this build.

Step 3: Leverage the Armor’s Poise

Poise is a statistic that determines how much damage a character can take without being staggered. With the high-poise armor that the Death’s Poker Build requires, players can take hits and still maintain their hold on the weapon, allowing them to continue their assault unbroken, regardless of the opponent’s attack or defenses.

Step 4: Perfect Your Timing

The key to making the Death’s Poker Build work is to time your attacks perfectly. You need to rake your enemy’s hit point pool down to its required levels before they can retaliate. If you can do this effectively, your opponent will have no chance to respond before you move in for the kill.

Step 5: Mix It Up

While the Death’s Poker Build is known for its long-range capabilities, it’s important to mix it up with a variety of attacking moves. The player should utilize feints and quick strikes to keep their opponent guessing and provide opportunities for better damage. With a mix of quick and strong attacks, a player can become a formidable opponent against anyone they face.


The Death’s Poker Build can be a difficult style of play to master, but it can be incredibly rewarding if done right. By leveraging the strengths of the polearm weapon class, the right armor, and a mastery of timing and technique, a player can become a deadly warrior in the world of Elden Ring. Keep practicing, and soon, you’ll be unleashing the full potential of the Death’s Poker Build.


Q: Do I need to have plenty of experience with Elden Ring’s combat system to make the Death’s Poker Build work?
A: Yes, this build requires a lot of practice and experience to master. Take the time to master the basics before trying to tackle this build head-on.

Q: Can I use other types of weapons with the Death’s Poker Build?
A: No, the Death’s Poker Build requires the use of a polearm. Other weapons won’t offer the same reach and damage potential.

Q: Is having high armor poise worth the reduction in mobility?
A: Yes, the high poise armor is worth the reduction in mobility. You can take hits without being staggered, which keeps you in the fight longer.

Q: How effective is the Death’s Poker Build against bosses?
A: The Death’s Poker Build can be incredibly effective against bosses if the player can time their attacks effectively. With enough practice and mastery, this build can prove to be an excellent choice for boss battles.

Q: Is the Death’s Poker Build best suited for PvE or PvP?
A: The Death’s Poker Build is an excellent choice for both PvP and PvE. Just remember to practice and continuously improve your skills to make the most out of the build in any situation.

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