Unleashing Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide to Dominating the Game

Title: Unleashing Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide to Dominating the Game

Elden Ring is a highly anticipated action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is set in the fantasy world of Elden Ring, where players take on the role of a champion who must fight against corrupt and powerful leaders to restore balance to the world. In this guide, we will delve into the Death’s Poker Build, a popular and powerful build that can help you dominate the game.

What is the Death’s Poker Build?

The Death’s Poker Build is a highly specialized build that focuses on strength and dexterity. It is designed to maximize damage output and provide enough survivability to take on tough bosses and enemies. The build revolves around a unique weapon called Death’s Poker, which is a longsword that scales heavily with strength and dexterity.

How to Build the Death’s Poker Build

To build the Death’s Poker Build, you will need to focus on investing points in strength and dexterity. Aim for a balance between the two, with a focus on strength. You will also want to invest in endurance to maintain a decent stamina pool for blocking and dodging attacks. Vitality should also be invested in to increase the player’s total health pool for survivability.

The Death’s Poker itself can be obtained by defeating the final boss of the game, but it also has a chance to drop from enemies in the final area. It is a rare drop, and it may take a few playthroughs to obtain.

Weapon Infusion

The Death’s Poker has a unique infusion path that can increase its damage output even further. The Life Leech infusion will transfer a percentage of damage dealt back to the player as health, increasing survivability. The Blessed infusion will increase the weapon’s scaling with faith and provide health regeneration over time. The Cursed infusion will increase damage output but inflicts a curse on the player that reduces max health.

Armor and Rings

Armor and rings play a significant role in the Death’s Poker Build as it can help increase the player’s survivability and damage output. The best armor for the build is the Black Knight set, which provides excellent physical protection, and the Pontiff Knight set, which increases dexterity and stamina regeneration. The best rings for the build are the Knight Slayer’s Ring, which increases attack power, and the Ring of Favor, which increases maximum health, stamina, and equip load.


The Death’s Poker Build is all about maximizing damage output and dodging enemy attacks to maintain survivability. The build revolves around using the Death’s Poker longsword’s ability to deal heavy damage and stagger enemies, allowing for quick follow-up attacks. The build is best suited for players who like a fast-paced, aggressive playstyle that rewards skill and quick reflexes.


The Death’s Poker Build is a powerful and unique build that can help you dominate Elden Ring’s world. With a focus on strength and dexterity, and the powerful Death’s Poker longsword, you can deal high damage output while maintaining survivability. Combining the build with the right armor and rings can increase your total health pool, stamina regeneration, and overall survivability, making the build an excellent choice for taking on tough bosses and enemies.


1. Can I obtain the Death’s Poker on my first playthrough of Elden Ring?
No, it is a rare drop that can take multiple playthroughs before obtaining.

2. Can the Death’s Poker be infused with other elements?
No, it has a unique infusion path that cannot be altered.

3. Can I use this build for PvP combat?
Yes, but the build’s focus on strength and dexterity may not be suitable for PvP combat.

4. Do I need to wear the Black Knight and Pontiff Knight armor sets to use the build?
No, but they provide excellent protection and bonuses that can increase survivability and damage output.

5. Is the Death’s Poker Build suitable for beginners?
While the build can be powerful, it does require skill and quick reflexes to maximize its potential, making it better suited for experienced players.

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