Unleashing Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide to Dominating the Arena

Unleashing Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Guide to Dominating the Arena

Elden Ring has become one of the most anticipated games of 2022, and with good reason. The world of Elden Ring is vast and deep, filling players with wonder and excitement. Amongst the many ways of interacting with this world, players can partake in exhilarating PvP arena battles. It is in this competitive arena that one can gain glory, honor and experience.

However, to achieve success in the arena, one must have the right build. The Death’s Poker build is one of the most effective choices for mastering the combat mechanics of Elden Ring. In this article, we will discuss the Death’s Poker build, and how it can be used to dominate the arena.

What is Death’s Poker Build?

The Death’s Poker build is a character build that revolves around the use of piercing weapons. Players who use this build gain significant bonuses when using thrust attacks on their enemies. This build is an excellent choice for arena combat as it is designed to take advantage of the fast-paced, technical nature of PvP battles.

How to Build Death’s Poker?

To start building this powerful character, players must pick the Warrior as their starting class. This class provides excellent strength and weapon proficiency, which is crucial for the Death’s Poker build. The A-slot Accessory should be the Damage Boost ring, while the Vow of Silence spell is best suited for the B-slot spell. The spell disables spellcasting from both players and NPCs, making it a handy tool against spell-casters.

For equipment, players need to acquire the Elite Knight armor, Gauntlets of Thorns, and Havel’s Ring. The Elite Knight armor provides essential protection, while Gauntlets of Thorns deal damage when the player receives damage from an enemy. Havel’s Ring boosts the player’s equip-load, allowing them to wear heavy armor without slowing them down.

When it comes to the primary weapon, the Estoc is the perfect choice for the Death’s Poker build. It has excellent thrusting damage and reach, making it ideal for surprise attacks on unsuspecting enemy players. Upgrades to the estoc should focus on improving thrusting damage, increasing range, and reducing stamina usage.

For a secondary weapon, players can equip the Parrying Dagger, which enables them to parry and riposte attacks from enemies, making it a great tool for interrupting enemy attacks.

Tips for Dominating in the Arena

When using the Death’s Poker build, players need to be patient, always watching for an opening, dodge and baiting enemies into attacking. Here are some additional tips to follow:

1. Use your range advantage: The Estoc’s exceptional thrusting range is the most significant advantage of the Death’s Poker build. Utilize this advantage by staying just out of range and baiting enemies into attacks. This tactic allows players to strike safely and get away quickly, giving them an advantage over shorter range weapons.

2. Abuse Reposte: The parrying dagger enables players to perform a riposte attack which deals massive damage to the opponent. As they are vulnerable when going for a riposte, this move should be used only when confident in successfully pulling it off.


1. Is the Death’s Poker build viable in PvE or just PvP?

The Death’s Poker build can be used in most situations, but it excels in PvP combat. It is a challenging build to execute in PvE, as the enemies are more unpredictable.

2. Can other weapons be used with the Death’s Poker build?

While it is essential to use a piercing weapon, players can mix thrusting swords, katanas, and even spears. However, the Estoc is the ideal primary weapon for the Death’s Poker build.

3. Can the Death’s Poker build be adapted for a more defensive playstyle?

Yes, the Death’s Poker build can be adapted for a more defensive approach by using shields, heavier armors, and high resistance.

4. What are the weaknesses of the Death’s Poker build?

The Death’s Poker build has relatively low damage output for R2 moves, a tiny hitbox, meaning that it can be difficult to hit multiple enemies, and the player can be vulnerable to backstabs from experienced opponents.

5. Is it necessary to use the Elite Knight armor set for this build?

No, other heavy armor can be used to achieve a similar result to the Elite Knight armor. However, players must not exceed their equip-load limit to avoid slowing themselves down.


The Death’s Poker build is an excellent choice for players looking to excel at Elden Ring’s PvP arena combat. Through careful positioning, critical timing, and well-executed thrust attacks, players can neutralize their opponents, dominate the arena and achieve glory. So, get out there and unleash Death’s Poker and crush the competition!

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