Unleashing Death’s Poker Build – A Guide to Dominating Elden Ring

Unleashing Death’s Poker Build – A Guide to Dominating Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco. Fans of the Soulsborne series have been eagerly waiting for this game for years, and it’s expected to be full of twists, turns, and challenges. Among the many builds available in Elden Ring, Death’s Poker Build stands out as one of the most powerful and versatile.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of this build, and give you some tips on how to dominate the game with it.

What is Death’s Poker Build?

Death’s Poker Build is a build that focuses on using a spear or a lance as its primary weapon. The build also uses the Poison and Bleed status effects to whittle down the enemy’s health over time. The build favors quick attacks over heavy hits, making it ideal for players who are looking for a more agile playstyle.

The core stats for this build are Dexterity and Luck. Dexterity increases the speed and damage of your attacks, while Luck increases the chance of inflicting Poison and Bleed on your enemies. Other important stats are Endurance and Vitality, as they increase your stamina and health, respectively.

Weapon Selection

The spear and lance are the primary weapons for Death’s Poker Build. Spears are fast and agile, allowing you to quickly dodge in and out of combat. Lances, on the other hand, deal more damage but are slower and require more stamina to use.

The ideal spear or lance for this build is one that has both Poison and Bleed infusion. Infusing your weapon with these effects increases your chance of inflicting them on your enemies.

Armor Selection

When it comes to armor selection, lighter armor is preferred. This allows you to move quickly and dodge attacks more easily. Avoid heavy armor that slows you down, as it will make it more difficult to avoid attacks.

It’s also important to choose armor that offers Poison and Bleed resistance. This will help mitigate the damage you take from these effects when you get hit.

Ring Selection

There are several rings that work well with Death’s Poker Build. These include the Chloranthy Ring, which increases your stamina regeneration, the Ring of Favor, which increases your maximum health, endurance, and equipment load, and the Bloodbite Ring, which increases your Bleed resistance.

The Poisonbite Ring is also a good option as it increases your Poison resistance. This allows you to take less damage from Poisoned enemies.

Tips for Domination

1. Use your spear or lance to keep your enemies at bay while dealing damage over time with Poison and Bleed.

2. Stay mobile and dodge attacks to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

3. Use your light armor to move quickly and stay agile.

4. Keep an eye on your stamina meter and manage it carefully. You don’t want to run out of stamina and leave yourself vulnerable to attacks.

5. Practice parrying and backstabbing to deal extra damage to your enemies.


Death’s Poker Build is a powerful and versatile build that can help you dominate Elden Ring. Using a spear or a lance as your primary weapon, you can deal damage over time with Poison and Bleed while staying agile and quick on your feet. With the right combination of armor and rings, you’ll be able to withstand attacks and deal devastating blows to your enemies. So give it a try and see how it feels to dominate Elden Ring with this powerful build.


1. Can Death’s Poker Build be used in PvP?

Yes, Death’s Poker Build can be effective in PvP if used correctly. However, it may be more difficult to use against human players who are more unpredictable than AI-controlled enemies.

2. Can I use a shield with Death’s Poker Build?

While shields can be useful for blocking attacks, they’re not necessary for this build. The focus is on staying mobile and agile, so using a shield may slow you down.

3. Is it necessary to have both Poison and Bleed on my weapon?

No, it’s not necessary. However, having both effects increases your chance of inflicting them on your enemies, which can be helpful in dealing damage over time.

4. Can I use a different weapon with this build?

While spears and lances are the primary weapons for Death’s Poker Build, you can use other weapons if you prefer. However, using a weapon that doesn’t have the Poison and Bleed infusion won’t be as effective.

5. Is this build suitable for beginners?

While Death’s Poker Build can be effective for beginners, it may take some practice to get used to the playstyle. It requires quick reflexes and careful stamina management, so it may not be the best choice for players who prefer a slower, heavier playstyle.

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