Unleashing Death: The Ultimate Elden Ring Poker Build

Unleashing Death: The Ultimate Elden Ring Poker Build

Are you looking to dominate in the upcoming Elden Ring game? Do you want to become invincible and strike fear in the hearts of your enemies? Then look no further than the Ultimate Elden Ring Poker Build.

In this article, we will break down everything you need to know to create the most lethal character possible. From attributes and skills to weapons and armor, we’ve got you covered.

Attributes and Skills

The first step in creating the Ultimate Elden Ring Poker Build is to determine your character’s attributes and skills. In this build, we will focus on Dexterity and Luck.

Dexterity is crucial in Elden Ring for several reasons. Firstly, it determines the speed and accuracy of your attacks, which is essential in a game where timing is everything. Secondly, it increases your overall physical defense, allowing you to absorb more blows from your opponents.

Luck, on the other hand, is often overlooked in RPGs but can be a game-changer in Elden Ring. It affects your chances of landing critical hits and getting rare loot drops, and it also increases your resistance to curses and other harmful effects.

For skills, we recommend investing in the Sneak and Lockpicking trees. These will allow you to move silently and open doors and chests more easily, giving you an advantage in exploring the game’s vast world.

Weapons and Armor

Now that you have your attributes and skills sorted, it’s time to choose your weapons and armor. In the Ultimate Elden Ring Poker Build, we will focus on speed and precision.

For weapons, we recommend the Rapier and the Bow. The Rapier is a quick, light weapon that allows for fast attacks and parries, making it ideal for a Dexterity-based build. The Bow, on the other hand, allows you to attack from a distance, weakening your enemies before engaging them up close.

For armor, we recommend light armor sets that provide good physical defense without sacrificing speed. The Assassin’s Set is a great choice, as it increases your Dexterity and provides high defense against physical attacks. Alternatively, the Leather Set is a good budget option that provides similar benefits.

Perks and Enchantments

To truly make the Ultimate Elden Ring Poker Build unstoppable, you need to invest in perks and enchantments that enhance your abilities.

For perks, we recommend choosing ones that increase your critical hit chance and damage, such as Deadly Aim and Critical Shot. These will allow you to quickly dispatch enemies, even bosses, with precision strikes.

For enchantments, we recommend using ones that increase your damage output and critical hit chance, such as Flaming Thorns and Lucky Strike. These will give you a significant edge in combat, allowing you to take down even the toughest foes.


In conclusion, the Ultimate Elden Ring Poker Build is all about speed, precision, and critical hits. By focusing on Dexterity and Luck, using light and effective weapons and armor, and investing in perks and enchantments that enhance your abilities, you can become an unstoppable force in the game.


Q: Can the Ultimate Elden Ring Poker Build be adapted for a mage or healer?
A: Yes, the basic principles of speed and precision still apply, but you will need to focus on Intelligence and Faith instead of Dexterity and Luck.

Q: Is the Rapier the only weapon that works with this build?
A: No, any weapon that focuses on speed and precision can work, such as the Dagger or the Estoc.

Q: What are some good early-game armor sets to use?
A: The Thief Set and the Leather Set are both good options that can be found early on in the game.

Q: Do I need to invest in Strength or Endurance with this build?
A: It’s not necessary, as the focus is on speed and precision rather than brute force. However, a few points in Endurance can help with stamina management.

Q: Can this build work in PvP?
A: It certainly can, but keep in mind that PvP play is very different from the single-player campaign, and you may need to adjust your strategy accordingly.

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