Unleash Your Inner Superhero – The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition Review

Unleash Your Inner Superhero – The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition Review

Gaming enthusiasts and comic book lovers alike, brace yourselves! The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is here, and it is simply stunning. Hang on tight as we take a closer look at what makes this game so exciting.

What is Infamous Second Son?

Infamous Second Son is an open-world action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game revolves around the story of Delsin Rowe, who discovers that he has superhuman abilities after coming into contact with a “Conduit” during a confrontation with an evil organization. Delsin has the power to absorb the abilities of other Conduits, making him a formidable opponent.

What is the Collector’s Edition?

The Collector’s Edition is a special edition of Infamous Second Son that includes a lot of extra features, including a premium box, a replica of Delsin’s beanie, a set of pins, an exclusive cover design, and a full game download voucher.

What’s new in the Collector’s Edition?

The Collector’s Edition features a lot of new content that was not available in the regular edition of Infamous Second Son. The most notable new feature is the exclusive cover design, which features Delsin soaring through the air, showcasing his incredible powers. The Collector’s Edition also includes a replica of Delsin’s famous beanie, which fans of the series will recognize immediately. Along with the beanie, there is also a set of pins that feature some of the game’s iconic symbols and characters. Finally, the Collector’s Edition includes a full game download voucher, making it easy for fans to get started on their superhero journey.

What Makes Infamous Second Son So Unique?

Infamous Second Son sets itself apart from other superhero games with its unique open-world design, its intricate combat system, and its impressive graphics. The game is set in an alternate version of Seattle, which serves as a stunning backdrop to the story. Delsin’s powers are the centerpiece of the gameplay, allowing players to traverse the city in a variety of imaginative ways. Players can use Delsin’s powers to scale buildings, soar through the air, and run at superhuman speeds. Combat in the game is also unique, with players being able to switch between a variety of abilities on the fly, allowing for deep and satisfying battles.

Why Choose the Collector’s Edition?

There are several reasons to choose The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition. First, the exclusive cover design and beanie make for an excellent addition to any fan’s collection. The pins and full game download voucher add even more value to an already impressive package. For fans of the series, the Collector’s Edition is the ultimate way to experience the game.

In Conclusion

The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is a must-have for fans of the series. With its unique open-world design, intricate combat system, and impressive graphics, Infamous Second Son is a game that stands out in a crowded field. Combine that with the exclusive content of the Collector’s Edition, and you have a truly unforgettable gaming experience.


1. Is the Collector’s Edition available on all platforms?
The Collector’s Edition is only available on the PlayStation 4 platform.

2. Can I play Infamous Second Son without playing the previous games in the series?
Yes, Infamous Second Son is designed as a standalone game and does not require previous knowledge of the series.

3. What kind of superhero powers can I expect to have in Infamous Second Son?
Delsin’s powers include the ability to absorb and replicate the powers of other Conduits, giving him access to a wide range of abilities.

4. Is the Collector’s Edition worth the extra cost?
For fans of the series, the Collector’s Edition is definitely worth the extra cost, as it comes with a lot of exclusive content that add to the experience.

5. What kind of gameplay can I expect in Infamous Second Son?
Infamous Second Son features open-world gameplay that allows players to explore a vast, virtual world full of secrets to uncover, side missions to complete, and enemies to defeat.

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