Unleash Your Inner Pro with the Best Mid Range Disc for Disc Golf Enthusiasts

Unleash Your Inner Pro with the Best Mid Range Disc for Disc Golf Enthusiasts

Disc golf may have started as a pastime, but it has slowly evolved into a sport that requires skill, dedication, and a mastery of the equipment. While there are several types of discs to choose from, the mid-range disc has become the preferred choice for disc golf enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll explore what makes the mid-range disc a top choice and why you should consider adding it to your disc golf bag.

What is a Mid-Range Disc?

A mid-range disc is a type of disc designed to travel a shorter distance with higher accuracy than a driver and is more stable than a putter. It typically weighs between 160-180 grams and is smaller than a driver. The flight path of a mid-range disc is stable, with a slight curve at the end of the flight. This feature allows a disc golf player to navigate the obstacles of the course with a high degree of accuracy.

Why is a Mid-Range Disc the Best Choice for Disc Golf Enthusiasts?

A mid-range disc is the best choice for disc golf enthusiasts because it offers the perfect balance between distance and accuracy. When play resumes after the COVID-19 pandemic, the players will be challenged by restrictions and regulations while playing. Social distancing measures can make it harder to use drivers during the game. As a result, a mid-range disc can provide a lot of benefits to players in such times.

A mid-range disc is also perfect for fine-tuning your shots on the course. It allows players to make precision shots with higher accuracy than a driver, which is crucial to navigate the obstacles of the course without losing control. Moreover, it is also perfect for shorter throws.

The Top 5 Best Mid-Range Discs for Disc Golf Enthusiasts

1. Innova Roc3: Often called one of the most popular mid-range discs, Innova Roc3 is a must-have for disc golf enthusiasts. Roc3 provides impressive control, pinpoint accuracy, and stability, making it ideal for both beginners and pros. It is recommended for playing in windy conditions because of its stability.

2. Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth: Designed in collaboration with Eric McCabe, this mid-range disc can help players who need more control over their throw. It boasts a consistent straight flight and a reliable fade that enhances the accuracy of the throw.

3. Latitude 64 Claymore: The Latitude 64 Claymore is the perfect disc for a disc golf player on a budget. It has a slightly stable flight path, making it an excellent choice for beginners, with a price point that won’t break the bank.

4. Discraft Buzzz: The Discraft Buzzz is another favorite of both pros and beginners. It provides excellent accuracy and control, with a reliable flight path. It has a higher tolerance that allows off-axis release for less than perfect throws.

5. Prodigy M4: Prodigy M4 is a versatile mid-range disc that offers players a predictable flight pattern, making it a popular choice for players who need a reliable disc at different distances.


In conclusion, the mid-range disc is an indispensable tool in a disc golf player’s kit. Precision control and accuracy are crucial to success in the sport. These qualities are ingrained in the nature of the mid-range disc, making it the perfect choice for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or the best of the best, the five discs we’ve listed here are sure to help you unleash your inner pro and master the game.


1. What weight mid-range disc should I choose?

Mid-range disc weights should vary from 160 grams to 180 grams. A disc that is too light may result in instability and wind resistance issues, whereas a heavier disc may make it challenging to control the shot.

2. Which brand makes the best mid-range disc for disc golf enthusiasts?

Discraft, Innova, and Latitude 64 are some of the best brands that make high-quality mid-range discs.

3. Can I use a mid-range disc to putt?

While a mid-range disc can be used for putting, it is not ideal. Instead, use a putter disc that has a straight, clean flight path to achieve the best results in shorter distances.

4. Are mid-range discs good for beginners?

Yes, mid-range discs are a great option for beginners because of their stable flight path, affordability, and versatility.

5. How many mid-range discs should I have in my bag?

It is recommended to carry 2-4 mid-range discs in your bag. Having different models from different brands offers variety, and you can choose one that suits your throw style best on every course you play.

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