Unleash Your Inner Poker Pro with the Ultimate Death’s Build for Elden Ring

Unleash Your Inner Poker Pro with the Ultimate Death’s Build for Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a highly anticipated action RPG video game, developed by FromSoftware, for which fans are eagerly waiting. The game is set in a vast open world full of danger, where players must fight their way through enemies and bosses to uncover the mysteries of the world. With a variety of weapons, shields, magic, and abilities to choose from, players can customize their characters and play styles in many ways, depending on their preferences.

One of the most exciting play styles in Elden Ring is the “poker pro” approach, where players focus on dodging enemy attacks, waiting for openings, and striking back with deadly precision. This play style requires a lot of patience, skill, and strategy, but it can be incredibly rewarding when executed correctly. In this article, we will explore how to unleash your inner poker pro with the ultimate Death’s build for Elden Ring.

What is the Death’s build?

The Death’s build is a player build that focuses on using the Death’s Blade weapon, which deals critical hits when striking from behind or during a dodge. This build combines high agility, stamina, and damage output, with various abilities and spells that enhance the player’s mobility, survivability, and offense. The Death’s build is ideal for players who enjoy a fast-paced, stealthy, and deadly play style, where every strike counts.

How to create the Death’s build?

To create the Death’s build, you need to focus on the following attributes, stats, and equipment:


– Dexterity: This attribute governs the speed and accuracy of your attacks, as well as the damage of the Death’s Blade. It should be your primary attribute, along with Agility.

– Agility: This attribute governs your movement speed, dodge distance, and i-frames. It should be your secondary attribute, along with Dexterity.


– Endurance: This stat governs your stamina pool and regeneration speed. You need a high endurance to perform multiple dodges, combos, and spell casts. Invest in this stat early on, to avoid running out of stamina too quickly.

– Vitality: This stat governs your health pool and defense rating. You need a moderate vitality to survive multiple hits, but don’t invest too much in it, as your dodge and critical hit abilities are your primary defenses.


– Death’s Blade: This weapon is the heart of the Death’s build. It has low durability and requires frequent repairs, but it deals massive critical hits when used correctly. Use it to strike from behind or during a dodge, to maximize its potential.

– Shadow Set: This armor set increases your Dexterity, Agility, and critical hit rate, while decreasing your equip load and defense rating. It is ideal for the Death’s build, as it allows you to move quickly and strike with deadly precision.

– Rings: The following rings are recommended for the Death’s build:

– Carthus Milk Ring: Increases your i-frames during a dodge, at the cost of lowering your defense rating.

– Flynn’s Ring: Increases your damage output, at the cost of lowering your equip load.

– Ring of Favor: Increases your health, stamina, and equip load, at the cost of lowering your defense rating.

Abilities and Spells:

– Quickstep: This ability replaces your roll with a quick and evasive step, which consumes less stamina and allows you to chain it with attacks or spells. It is ideal for dodging in close combat and closing the distance with enemies.

– Hidden Body: This spell makes you invisible to enemies and mutes your footsteps, making it easier to sneak up on them and strike from behind. It also reduces the aggro range of enemies, making it easier to avoid them altogether.

– Carthus Rouge: This item applies bleed damage to your weapon, which can trigger during a critical hit and deal massive damage over time. It is ideal for bosses and enemies with high health pools.

How to use the Death’s build?

To use the Death’s build effectively, you need to master the following techniques and strategies:

– Dodging: The key to the Death’s build is to dodge enemy attacks with precision and style. Use quickstep to dodge in any direction and chain it with attacks or spells. Use quickstep and hidden body to sneak up on enemies and strike from behind, increasing your critical hit rate and damage.

– Critical Hits: The Death’s Blade is a critical hit weapon, which means that it deals massive damage when it hits critical spots, such as behind an enemy or during a roll. Use your agility, quickstep, and timing to maximize your critical hit rate and damage.

– Spells: The Death’s build has a few spells that can enhance your mobility or damage output, such as hidden body, carthus rogue, or spook. Use these spells strategically, to gain an advantage or surprise your enemies.

– Bosses: Many bosses in Elden Ring have specific vulnerabilities or attacks patterns that you can exploit with the Death’s build. Explore their weaknesses, equip the right rings, and use your quickstep and critical hit abilities to defeat them.


The Death’s build is a thrilling and challenging play style in Elden Ring, which rewards patience, skill, and strategy. Creating a Death’s build requires a certain investment of attributes, stats, and equipment, but it is worth the effort for players who enjoy a fast-paced, stealthy, and deadly play style. To use the Death’s build effectively, you need to master the art of dodging, critical hits, and spells, and adapt to the challenges of the game. Unleash your inner poker pro with the ultimate Death’s build for Elden Ring and become a feared and respected warrior in the world of Elden Ring.


1. Can I use other weapons with the Death’s build?
Yes, you can, but the Death’s Blade is the key weapon for this build. You can use other weapons for specific situations, but keep in mind that they may not have the same critical hit potential as the Death’s Blade.

2. How do I repair the Death’s Blade?
You can repair the Death’s Blade at a blacksmith or using a repair powder. Keep an eye on its durability or use the ring of repair to increase its lifespan.

3. Should I use a shield with the Death’s build?
You can, but the shield is not the focus of this build. You should prioritize agility, quickstep, and evasion over defense.

4. Can I use magic with the Death’s build?
Yes, you can, but focus on spells that enhance your mobility or damage output. Avoid heavy spells that require a lot of time or mana to cast.

5. Is the Death’s build viable for PvP?
Yes, it is, but it requires even more skill and strategy than in PvE. You need to anticipate your opponent’s moves, use the environment to your advantage, and avoid getting backstabbed or parried. Stay stealthy, strike fast, and win by any means necessary.

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