Unleash Your Inner Pokemon Trainer: Discover How Far You Can Trade in Pokemon Go!

Unleash Your Inner Pokemon Trainer: Discover How Far You Can Trade in Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that has taken the world by storm, has added many new features over the years. Among them, trading has been one of the most anticipated features since the game’s release in 2016. With the introduction of trading, trainers can now exchange Pokemon with each other, making the game even more engaging and interactive. But how far can you trade in Pokemon Go? In this article, we’ll explore the limits of trading in Pokemon Go, along with some tips and tricks to make the most out of it.

What is Trading in Pokemon Go?

Trading in Pokemon Go is a feature that allows trainers to exchange Pokemon with each other. To initiate a trade, trainers must be within close proximity, i.e., 100 meters, and have reached the minimum level requirement of 10. Trading allows trainers to obtain Pokemon they may not have found in their local area, trade duplicates, or even trade for rare Pokemon with fellow trainers.

How Far Can You Trade in Pokemon Go?

As mentioned earlier, trainers must be within 100 meters of each other to initiate a trade. The 100-meter limit is in place to ensure that trainers don’t exploit the trading system by trading Pokemon from different parts of the world. Once a trade is initiated, however, trainers can trade with each other from any distance. Be mindful of your trading partner’s location, as long-distance trading can incur additional stardust costs.

Tips and Tricks for Trading in Pokemon Go

1. Choose Your Trading Partners Wisely

It’s essential to pick your trading partners carefully. Make sure your trading partner is willing to trade for something that you’re willing to give. It’s also important to decide on the Pokemon to trade beforehand. Being organized will help to avoid confusion when trading.

2. Check IVs Before Trading

It’s crucial to check a Pokemon’s individual values (IVs) before trading. IVs are randomly generated values that determine a Pokemon’s strength. Trading a Pokemon that has low IVs in exchange for a high IV Pokemon is not a wise decision – it’s simply not worth it.

3. Utilize Lucky Trades

Lucky trades are an exclusive type of trade that guarantees a lucky Pokemon. Lucky Pokemon require less stardust to power up and have higher IVs. Lucky trades can only be done once a day, so make sure to use them wisely.

4. Be Mindful of Stardust Costs

Trading Pokemon can incur a stardust cost, which is based on the distance between the trading partners, the rarity of the Pokemon, and whether the Pokemon is already in the Pokedex. Be aware of stardust costs before initiating a trade.

5. Keep Trading to Increase Friendship Level

As trainers trade with each other, their friendship level will increase. Increased friendship levels offer benefits such as decreased stardust costs and additional premier balls during raids. Keep trading with the same partner to increase your friendship level.


Trading in Pokemon Go is an excellent feature that adds to the game’s charm and allows trainers worldwide to connect and trade with each other. The 100-meter limit may seem limiting but keeps the trading system fair and ethical. Following the tips and tricks mentioned above will ensure a successful trading experience, and don’t forget to keep trading to increase your friendship level.


1. Can you trade with someone from a different country in Pokemon Go?

No, trainers must be within 100 meters to initiate a trade in Pokemon Go.

2. Why should I check IVs before trading Pokemon?

Checking IVs of Pokemon before trading will help to avoid trading low IV Pokemon for high IV ones.

3. Can lucky trades be repeated?

Lucky trades can only be done once a day.

4. What friendship level is required for decreased stardust costs during trades?

At the Great Friends level, trainers can trade Pokemon at a 20% reduction in stardust costs.

5. What is the maximum friendship level in Pokemon Go?

The maximum friendship level in Pokemon Go is Best Friends.

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