Unleash the Ultimate Valheim Plus Experience with Our Top Server Guide

Unleash the Ultimate Valheim Plus Experience with Our Top Server Guide

Are you passionate about the adventure game Valheim and want to experience it with friends? Then you might want to consider hosting a Valheim Plus server. Valheim Plus enhances the game with new features and balancing adjustments, making your gameplay experience more fun and challenging. Plus, hosting a server allows you to customize gameplay settings and invite friends to join you on your quest. In this article, we’re going to guide you through setting up a Valheim Plus server and show you how to get the most out of it.

Step 1: Install the Valheim Plus Mod

The first step in creating your server is to install the Valheim Plus mod. It’s a third-party mod and not available in the Steam Workshop. You can download it from the Valheim Plus website with installation instructions. After installing the mod, start your game and select “BepInEx Pack for Valheim Plus” from the Steam launch options. This will activate the mod and allow it to run. You can also check out the Valheim Plus Discord server for support and feedback.

Step 2: Create a Dedicated Server

Once the mod is installed, you can create a dedicated server using the Valheim Plus Server Manager tool. Download the tool from the Valheim Plus website and extract it to a location on your PC. Then, open the tool and fill in the server details such as server name, description, maximum players, and server password. You can also set up other options like server region, world seed, and backup frequency. Once you’re happy with the settings, click “Start Server” to launch your Valheim Plus server.

Step 3: Invite Friends to Join

Now that your server is up and running, you can invite your friends to join you. Share your server IP address and password with them, and they can connect to your server through the Valheim game client. You can also join other Valheim Plus servers to explore different worlds and meet new friends.

Step 4: Customize Gameplay Settings

One of the great things about hosting a Valheim Plus server is that you can customize the gameplay settings to suit your play style. In the Valheim Plus Server Manager tool, you can adjust settings like experience gain, skill progression, item drops, enemy difficulty, and more. You can also enable features like the global chat, teleports, custom spawn points, and admin commands for easier management. Experiment with different settings until you find your preferred balance.

Step 5: Explore the Valheim Plus Community

Valheim Plus has a thriving community of gamers who are passionate about the game and its modding scene. You can get involved in the community by joining forums, Discord servers, and social media groups. You can also share your gameplay experiences, mods, and ideas with others. The Valheim Plus community is friendly, helpful, and always eager to welcome new players.


Setting up a Valheim Plus server is a great way to enhance your gameplay experience and enjoy Valheim with friends. With our top server guide, you can unleash the ultimate Valheim Plus experience and explore the vast world of Valheim. Remember to install the Valheim Plus mod, create a dedicated server, invite friends to join, customize gameplay settings, and join the Valheim Plus community. Happy gaming!


1. Is Valheim Plus a safe mod to use?

Yes, Valheim Plus is a safe mod to use and is regularly updated by its developers. However, be sure to follow installation instructions carefully and back up your game data before installing any mods.

2. How many players can join a Valheim Plus server?

You can set the maximum number of players in the Valheim Plus Server Manager tool. The default maximum is ten players.

3. Can I switch between Valheim and Valheim Plus servers?

Yes, you can switch between Valheim and Valheim Plus servers by installing or uninstalling the Valheim Plus mod as required.

4. Can I use other mods with Valheim Plus?

Yes, Valheim Plus is compatible with many other mods. Be sure to check mod compatibility and install instructions before adding any additional mods.

5. How do I report bugs or provide feedback to Valheim Plus developers?

You can join the Valheim Plus Discord server or visit the Valheim Plus website to report bugs or provide feedback to the developers. They are actively taking suggestions and feedback from the Valheim Plus community.

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