Unleash the Power with the Best Spear Build in Elden Ring: Master your Combat Skills!

Unleash the Power with the Best Spear Build in Elden Ring: Master your Combat Skills!

Elden Ring is an exciting game that offers players an opportunity to master their combat skills by building a powerful character. Among the various weapons you can choose from, the spear is one that offers both speed and range, making it a versatile option for any player. In this article, we will explore the best spear build in Elden Ring and how you can become a master of combat with this weapon.

Why Choose the Spear in Elden Ring?

The spear is an excellent weapon choice in Elden Ring because it offers great range while being able to quickly attack enemies. You can poke enemies from a distance, while also being able to use the weapon’s sweeping attacks to reach multiple enemies at once. Additionally, the spear is lightweight, allowing for quicker movements and dodges, which is crucial in Elden Ring’s intense combat system.

The Best Stats for a Spear Build

When building a character based on the spear weapon in Elden Ring, it’s important to focus on specific stats that will enhance the weapon’s abilities. These include:

– Dexterity: The spear scales well with dexterity, which directly increases its damage output.

– Endurance: Elden Ring’s combat system requires a lot of stamina, so having a high endurance stat will allow you to attack more frequently and dodge more effectively.

– Vitality: While the spear is a versatile weapon, it is not as strong as some heavier weapons. Investing points in vitality will make your character more durable and better able to withstand hits.

– Agility: A high agility stat will increase your character’s movement speed and make them more nimble in combat.

Spear Build Strategy and Techniques

To maximize the effectiveness of your spear build, you should focus on using both the range and speed of the weapon. You can use the weapon’s thrust attacks to take out enemies at a distance, while the weapon’s sweeping attacks can hit multiple enemies that are close together. Additionally, you can use the spear’s running attacks to cover a lot of ground quickly while also dealing damage.

To further enhance your spear build, consider using some of the special techniques that are available to spear wielders. These include:

– Charge Attack: Hold down the attack button with a spear to perform a charge attack that deals extra damage.

– Shield Break: Use your spear’s heavy attack on an enemy that is blocking to break their shield and open them up for an attack.

– Leap Attack: Jump and perform an attack with your spear to deal extra damage to enemies below you.


The spear weapon in Elden Ring is an excellent option for any player looking to master combat skills. By focusing on specific stats and utilizing the weapon’s range and speed, you can create a powerful spear build that can take on any enemy. Remember to experiment with different attacks and techniques to find the perfect play-style for your character.


1. Is the spear the best weapon in Elden Ring?

While the spear is a versatile and effective weapon, all weapons in Elden Ring have their strengths and weaknesses. Experiment with different weapons to find the one that best suits your play-style.

2. Can I use magic with a spear build?

Yes, you can. Consider investing points in intelligence and faith to make your character more powerful when using spells or miracles.

3. What armor works best with a spear build?

Armor that provides mobility and endurance is best when using a spear build, such as light or medium armor sets.

4. Is the spear build viable in PvP?

Yes, the spear build can be very effective in PvP. Focus on using your weapon’s range to keep your distance from opponents, while also utilizing your speed to dodge their attacks.

5. Can I use a spear with a shield?

Yes, you can. Using a shield in off-hand while wielding a spear can give you added protection and versatility in combat.

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