Unleash the Power of Rare Candy in Pokemon Ruby: A Complete Guide for Trainers

Unleash the Power of Rare Candy in Pokemon Ruby: A Complete Guide for Trainers

If you’re a trainer in Pokemon Ruby, then you know how important it is to level up your Pokemon. Leveling up not only makes them stronger but also unlocks new moves and abilities that can help you win battles. And one of the best tools for leveling up your Pokemon quickly is the rare candy.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of rare candy and show you how to use this powerful item to your advantage.

What Is Rare Candy?

So, what exactly is rare candy? Well, it’s a special item that you can use to instantly level up your Pokemon by one level. That’s right, with just one rare candy, you can take your Pokemon from level 10 to level 11, or from level 50 to level 51.

Rare candy can be found throughout the region of Hoenn, and it’s also sometimes given as a reward for completing certain tasks or defeating certain trainers. However, they are quite rare and can be hard to come by, so it’s important to use them wisely.

Using Rare Candy Strategically

While rare candy can be a quick way to level up your Pokemon, it’s important to use it strategically. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

– Save rare candy for Pokemon that are close to leveling up: If you have a Pokemon that’s just one or two battles away from leveling up, then using a rare candy on them can save you some time and effort. However, if you use it on a Pokemon that’s still a few levels away from evolving, you’ll be wasting its potential.
– Use rare candy on Pokemon with high growth rates: Different Pokemon have different growth rates, meaning some will level up faster than others. If you have a Pokemon with a high growth rate, it’s a good idea to use rare candy on them to take advantage of their quick leveling potential.
– Consider the moveset: Before using a rare candy, make sure to check if the Pokemon you’re about to level up will learn any new moves or abilities at their new level. If they will, it might be worth holding off on using the rare candy until they’ve learned those moves naturally.

Where to Find Rare Candy in Pokemon Ruby

As we mentioned earlier, rare candy can be found throughout the Hoenn region. Here are a few places to look:

– Route 108: In the southern part of this route, there’s a small island with a single trainer. Defeat the trainer, and they’ll give you a rare candy as a reward.
– Meteor Falls: As you explore this cave, keep an eye out for a hidden room located behind a waterfall. Within the room, you’ll find a rare candy.
– Lilycove Department Store: This store sells rare candy, but it’s quite expensive. If you have some extra cash to spare, this can be a quick way to stock up on these valuable items.

With these locations in mind, you’ll be well on your way to building an arsenal of rare candy to power up your Pokemon.


Rare candy is a powerful item that can help trainers level up their Pokemon quickly and effectively. By using it strategically and knowing where to find it, you can set yourself up for Pokemon battles that are sure to impress.


1. What happens if you use rare candy on a Pokemon that’s already at level 100?
Using rare candy on a Pokemon that’s already at level 100 will have no effect. The item only works on Pokemon that are below that level.

2. Are there any downsides to using rare candy?
One downside is that using rare candy skips the experience point-grinding process, which means the Pokemon won’t learn new moves that it would have learned if it were leveled up through experience points.

3. Can you give rare candy to a Pokemon in the middle of a battle?
No, you can’t use rare candy during a battle. It can only be used when your Pokemon is outside of a battle.

4. How many rare candies are there in Pokemon Ruby?
While the exact number is unknown, there are several locations where you can obtain rare candy throughout the game.

5. Can rare candy be used on multiple Pokemon at once?
No, rare candy can only be used on one Pokemon at a time.

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