Unleash the Power of Death’s Poker: Exploring Elden Ring’s Most Intriguing Build

Unleash the Power of Death’s Poker: Exploring Elden Ring’s Most Intriguing Build

FromSoftware has been a pioneer in the gaming industry. It delivered the world-renowned games like the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Gamers across the globe have eagerly awaited the release of their newest creation, Elden Ring, for years. The game has generated hype and anticipation worldwide, fans looking forward to the new and innovative mechanics it promises to present. In this article, we’ll explore one of the most intriguing builds in Elden Ring, “Death’s Poker”.

Death’s Poker Build – The Basics

Death’s Poker is a build that focuses on a variety of different mechanics. To begin with, it places high emphasis on the player’s parrying ability, meaning the usage of shields is a crucial part of the build. Additionally, the build relies on dual-wielding a dagger in one hand and a hand axe in the other.

The Dagger – The Assassin’s Tool

Dagger’s fast attacks result in low damage per hit. Still, in the hands of a skilled player, it’s a deadly weapon, able to exploit the enemy’s weakness and make them bleed. Bleed effect occurs once enough hits are delivered in a specific amount of time, and it causes damage to the target’s health. In this way, the dagger can often deliver high amounts of damage to an opponent in a matter of seconds.

The Hand Axe – The Death’s Poker

The hand axe is a versatile weapon that has moderate to high damage per hit with an average swing speed. Using the hand axe allows the player to break through enemy shields by dealing strike damage, making it perfect for dealing with high defense targets like knights and other armored enemies. The hand axe’s unique feature is its ability to stagger opponents, which opens them up to a riposte – this is where Death’s Poker gets its name.

The Parry – A Precise Art

A parry is a precise movement that requires deft timing and anticipation; it is the act of deflecting an enemy attack, allowing you to perform a riposte. In Death’s Poker, the player must rely on their parrying skills, so that they can deliver a devastating attack. If the parry is successful, the enemy is staggered, and the player can follow up with a lethal riposte. This mechanic is essential as it reduces the damage taken, initiates an attack, and often leads to the enemy’s defeat in just one move.

The Art of Dual-Wielding

Dual-wielding weapons in Elden Ring is tricky. It’s challenging to maintain a balance between being effective in combat and not leaving yourself too exposed. In the Death’s Poker build, dual-wielding is taken to another level. To master this mechanic, a player will need to make use of their left-hand dagger to create openings, followed by the hand axe to deliver the final blow. This process requires patience and the ability to read a target’s move, as timing will be critical for pulling off successful attacks.

In Conclusion – Death’s Poker

The Death’s Poker build is an intriguing concept that focuses on exploiting a target’s weakness. Its mechanics demand precision, timing, and strategy, to deliver devastating attacks. It requires the player to use a shield, dual wield a dagger and hand axe, and exhibit swordplay with rapier-like precision. Elden Ring’s release is coming, and with it, gamers can experience the thrill and challenge of mechanically intensive gameplay.


1. Is it easy to learn the Death’s Poker build?

No, it requires practice and patience, but it’s well worth the effort.

2. Why is parrying so important in Death’s Poker?

Successfully parrying an opponent’s attack is crucial for executing a strong riposte.

3. Are there any specific enemies that Death’s Poker excels against?

It is most effective against enemies with high defenses, such as heavily armored knights.

4. Are there any weaknesses to the Death’s Poker build?

The build can struggle against large, powerful bosses who are hard to stagger or have a lingering hitbox.

5. What is the most important component of the Death’s Poker build?

The most important component is timing. It’s essential to read the enemy’s movements and respond with the appropriate attack at the right time.

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