Unleash the Power of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: Tips and Tricks for Dominating the Game

Unleash the Power of Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: Tips and Tricks for Dominating the Game

Elden Ring is the latest role-playing game from FromSoftware, the creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. With the game being released in early 2022, players are eagerly waiting to dive into the vast world of Elden Ring. The game promises to offer unparalleled adventure and action.

One fascinating aspect of Elden Ring is the complex builds the game has to offer. One build, in particular, is gaining popularity among players: Death’s Poker build. In this article, we will explore this build and provide tips on how to dominate the game.

What is the Death’s Poker Build?

The Death’s Poker Build mainly relies on the Passivity playstyle. In this playstyle, your character uses speed and defense instead of brute force to overcome enemies. The name Death’s Poker comes from the use of a spear-like weapon, called Poker, which your character uses to jab at enemies from a safe distance.

The spear weapon is not the only distinguishing feature of this build; it also has an enormous focus on stamina consumption. Your character must have a high-level endurance stat to dodge, run, and attack constantly. It’s an excellent way to control battle in both PvP and PvE modes.

Tips and Tricks For Dominating the Game with Death’s Poker Build

1. Choose the Right Stats

For any successful build, choosing the right stats is crucial. With the Death’s Poker Build, players need to prioritize Endurance, Vitality, and Dexterity stats. A player focusing on stamina consumption must have high endurance levels, which will allow for better attacks and dodges. A high vitality stat will help with the player’s overall health, while a high dexterity stat significantly increases the character’s precision with weapons.

2. Upgrade Your Weapons

A well-rounded character is only as good as their weapons. Upgrading your weapons will increase their damage, which can be critical in taking out challenging enemies. With the Death’s Poker Build, players should focus on upgrading their spear-like weapons or those similar to pokey weapons. As you progress through the game, you will be able to get access to more advanced weapons that will offer better damage output.

3. Master Parrying & Dodging

As mentioned earlier, the Death’s Poker Build relies on speed and defense, which means master parrying and dodging is essential. You will need practice to get it down pat, but once you do, it will be harder for enemies to land a hit on you. With the Poker weapon or similar ones, you can stab your enemies from a safe distance while dodging and parrying their attacks.

4. Develop A Strong Understanding of Enemy Weaknesses

Elden Ring features different enemies, each with its own set of weaknesses. Understanding these weaknesses can help you take them down much faster. Certain opponents may be more vulnerable to thrust attacks, which can be a breakthrough in any battle, In PvP mode, knowing your opponent’s weaknesses is key to gain the upper hand.

5. Be Patient

Patience is a virtue in Elden Ring, and it is essential for the Death’s Poker Build. The build needs calculated movements, and you must take your time to avoid making mistakes. When enemies are predictable, you can use the Poker weapon to jab at them safely. Always wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.


The Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring is a perfect build for players who prefer a passive playstyle. It’s an excellent build to control the battle and overcome enemies, whether in PvP or PvE modes. To dominate the game with the Death’s Poker Build, players must choose the right stats, upgrade weapons, master parrying & dodging, develop a strong understanding of enemy weaknesses and be patient.


Q: What is the key to success with the Death’s Poker Build?
A: The key to success is to prioritize the right stats, to upgrade weapons, to master parrying and dodging, to have a strong understanding of enemy weaknesses, and to be patient.

Q: Can the Death’s Poker Build be used for PvP?
A: Yes, the Death’s Poker Build can be used in PvP mode. However, players must be highly skilled in parrying and dodging.

Q: What weapons should I use with the Death’s Poker Build?
A: The Death’s Poker Build focuses on spear-like weapons or similar ones. Upgrade them as you progress through the game to maximize output damage.

Q: Can I still use the Death’s Poker Build if I prefer aggressive playstyle?
A: No, the Death’s Poker Build relies on the passive playstyle. If you prefer an aggressive playstyle, this build may not be the best choice.

Q: Is it essential to master parrying and dodging with the Death’s Poker Build?
A: Yes, the Death’s Poker Build is all about control, and mastering parrying and dodging is essential for that. Without good parrying and dodging skills, you’ll be more vulnerable to attacks.

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