Unleash the Power of Celebi with this HeartGold Cheat Code!

Celebi is a mythical creature that has gained immense popularity among Pokemon lovers. Its psychic and grass-type abilities, coupled with its unique move set, make it quite a formidable opponent. However, obtaining Celebi has been quite a challenge for most trainers. It was initially released as a special event Pokemon, and not everyone was lucky enough to attend the event. Fortunately, with the help of a HeartGold cheat code, you can now unleash the power of Celebi and take your battles to the next level.

What is the HeartGold cheat code?

Before we dive into how you can use the cheat code to obtain Celebi, let’s first understand what it is. A cheat code is a sequence of buttons or input that you can use to enable specific game functions. In the case of Pokemon HeartGold, the cheat code is a shortcut that allows you to obtain Celebi without attending any special event. It’s important to note that using cheat codes may be considered unethical by some players, so it’s up to each trainer’s discretion.

How to use the HeartGold cheat code to obtain Celebi

To use the HeartGold cheat code, you first need to have access to a few items. You require a Game Boy Advance (GBA) game link cable, a GBA game console, and a copy of Pokemon Emerald. Follow these steps to obtain Celebi using the cheat code:

Step 1: Connect your HeartGold and Pokemon Emerald

Connect your HeartGold and Pokemon Emerald games using the GBA game link cable. Start both games and load your HeartGold save file.

Step 2: Input the cheat code

Press the L and R buttons simultaneously on your HeartGold console to open the cheat code input screen. Input the following code:

94000130 FCFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
E000F710 00000088
00050001 000000FC
00050002 000000FD
00050003 000000FE
00050004 000000FF
D2000000 00000000
Press the A button to enable the code.

Step 3: Obtain Celebi

With the cheat code enabled, approach the shrine in Ilex Forest. A level 30 Celebi will appear, and you can catch it using your Pokeball.

The power of Celebi

Celebi is a rare and powerful Pokemon with unique moves and abilities. Its signature move, Leaf Storm, deals incredible damage but reduces Celebi’s special attack. With its grass and psychic abilities, Celebi is quite useful against water and ground-type Pokemon. Celebi’s natural cure ability ensures that it can shake off status ailments like poison and burn.

Celebi’s Time Travel ability allows it to travel through time, making it an incredibly versatile Pokemon in battles. Its speed and evasion abilities also make it quite difficult to hit. With Celebi by your side, you can take on even the strongest of opponents.


Celebi is a mythical creature that has captured the imagination of Pokemon trainers worldwide. With the HeartGold cheat code, obtaining it has become accessible to everyone. Though some players may consider using cheats unethical, it’s up to each trainer to make that decision. Unleash the power of Celebi and take your battles to the next level today.


1. Is it possible to obtain Celebi without using the cheat code?
Yes, but it was originally released as a special event Pokemon, and not everyone was fortunate enough to attend the event.

2. Will using the cheat code affect my game?
If entered correctly, the cheat code should not cause any harm to your game. However, it’s best to use cheats moderately.

3. How do I know if the cheat code worked?
If the cheat code worked, you will see a level 30 Celebi appear when you approach the shrine in Ilex Forest.

4. Are there any risks to using cheat codes?
Using cheat codes might cause the game to crash or corrupt your save data. It’s essential to follow the correct input sequence and only use trusted and verified codes.

5. Can using cheat codes get me banned from online play?
If you’re caught using cheat codes or glitches in competitive online play, you may risk facing bans or disqualifications.

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