Unleash the Dead: Mastering Elden Ring’s Death’s Poker Build

Unleash the Dead: Mastering Elden Ring’s Death’s Poker Build

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is set in a new world created by both Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin, who have collaborated on the game’s story and lore.

In this article, we will be exploring one of the most powerful build types in Elden Ring – the Death’s Poker Build. We will dive into the mechanics of the build, how to assemble it, and tips on how to use it effectively. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Understanding the Death’s Poker Build

The Death’s Poker Build is centered around the use of the spear weapon class, specifically the Winged Spear. This weapon’s unique characteristic is its ability to deal critical damage when used to attack from behind, making it devastating in the right hands.

Additionally, the Death’s Poker Build also focuses on increasing the player character’s endurance stat, which increases their stamina and allows for more attacks to be landed.

Assembling the Death’s Poker Build

To assemble the Death’s Poker Build, players should focus on upgrading the Winged Spear to its highest level, and also invest heavily in increasing their endurance stat. Other stats, such as strength and dexterity, can be left at a lower level as they are not as important for this build.

Additionally, players should also equip armor that provides a good balance between defense and agility, as this build relies heavily on dodging and positioning to be effective.

Using the Death’s Poker Build Effectively

To use the Death’s Poker Build effectively, players should focus on positioning themselves behind the enemy whenever possible. This can be accomplished by dodging around the enemy and quickly moving behind them, leaving them vulnerable to critical damage from the spear.

Additionally, players should also focus on managing their stamina, as the increased endurance stat allows for more attacks to be landed. However, players should be careful not to over-extend themselves and leave themselves open to counter-attacks.


In conclusion, the Death’s Poker Build is a powerful build type in Elden Ring that revolves around the use of the Winged Spear and increasing endurance stats. By focusing on positioning, stamina management, and critical damage from behind, players can unleash the full potential of this build and dominate their enemies.


1. Can other spear weapons be used with the Death’s Poker Build?
While other spear weapons can be used, the Winged Spear is the most effective weapon for this build due to its critical damage from behind.

2. Do I need to have high stats in strength and dexterity for this build?
No, the Death’s Poker Build focuses on endurance stats and critical damage from behind, so strength and dexterity can be left at a lower level.

3. What armor should I equip with this build?
Armor that provides a good balance between defense and agility is recommended.

4. Is the Death’s Poker Build effective for both PvE and PvP?
Yes, the Death’s Poker Build can be effective for both PvE and PvP if used effectively.

5. What other builds should I consider in Elden Ring?
Other builds such as the Mage Build or the Tank Build can also be effective in Elden Ring, depending on the player’s playstyle and preferences.

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