Uncovering the Best Death’s Poker Build for Elden Ring

In the upcoming game Elden Ring, players will find themselves in a high-stakes battle against powerful opponents, which makes having the right build essential. This article will discuss the best Death’s Poker build for Elden Ring by examining the strengths and drawbacks of different builds and offering recommendations for how to optimize your character.

The Death’s Poker Build concept revolves around avoiding getting hit while dealing high damage to enemies. The best way to achieve this is by utilizing Light Armor paired with a highly agile weapon skillset. As a result, we recommend players to focus on Dexterity over Strength, Agility over Vitality, and Intelligence over Faith.

To start, the ideal weapon for this build is the dagger. Though it may not deal significant damage, the dagger’s high speed allows the player to execute combos and hit the enemy multiple times without giving them an opportunity to counter. For mid-range combat, consider using a whip. A whip allows the player to keep distance from the enemy while still dealing significant damage.

As for armor, prioritize items that offer high Agililty, Dexterity, and Intelligence stats, such as the Black Witch Robe, Desert Sorceress Hood, and Jester’s Gloves. These armor sets will offer low physical defense but excellent elemental resistance, allowing the player to withstand magical attacks while staying highly mobile.

For rings, equip the Ring of Blades, which increases your physical damage, and the Ring of Life Protection, which will prevent you from losing your souls upon death. Consider using the Simpleton’s Ring to gain temporary invisibility to escape from enemy groups or to take a breather in combat.

The build’s weaknesses lie in its limited defense and its reliance on high agility which becomes irrelevant when facing slow, powerful enemies. This makes it important to keep the distance between yourself and the enemy during fights, making it a high-risk but potentially high-reward build.

In conclusion, the Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring is a high damage and extremely agile build that revolves around avoiding getting hit while still dealing devastating blows to your enemies. Utilizing light armor, daggers, and whips, players can effectively deal with enemies while still maintaining mobility. Although it may be a high-risk build, those who can master it can potentially take out bosses and enemies quickly and efficiently.


1. Can this build be used in Co-op or PvP matches?
Answer: Yes, this build is suitable for Co-op and PvP matches.

2. Should I focus more on boosting my Strength or my Dexterity?
Answer: For the Death’s Poker Build, focus more on Dexterity than on Strength.

3. Are there any drawbacks to the high-speed combat style of this build?
Answer: Yes, this build falls short against slow or powerful enemies, as it relies heavily on its agility.

4. Should I prioritize Armor or Weapon upgrades if I have limited resources?
Answer: We recommend prioritizing weapon upgrades, as they will increase your damage output.

5. Would this build be suitable for beginners or players new to Elden Ring?
Answer: This build may pose a challenge to inexperienced players but is still viable with practice and patience.

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