Uncover the Ultimate Death-Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Beginner’s Guide

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Uncover the Ultimate Death-Poker Build in Elden Ring: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new to Elden Ring, the upcoming action role-playing game from FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin, you might be overwhelmed by the complex and mysterious systems of character creation and progression. However, one of the most thrilling aspects of the game is the sheer variety of builds or combinations of attributes, skills, and equipment that you can experiment with to suit your playstyle and challenge level. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Death-Poker Build, a potent and adaptable setup that combines melee combat with stealth, sorcery, and critical hits.

Introduction to the Death-Poker Build

The Death-Poker Build, as the name suggests, focuses on dealing high damage to enemies by striking them in vulnerable spots with fast and precise attacks, while avoiding or evading their attacks with swift and agile movements. This build requires a high dexterity stat, which affects your speed, accuracy, and critical rate, and a decent intelligence stat, which boosts your spellcasting abilities, especially the ones that enhance your damage, mobility, and detection skills. However, you don’t need to min-max or specialize in any specific weapon or spell to make this build work; you can mix and match different options based on your preferences and gear availability.

The Core Attributes of the Death-Poker Build

Here are the primary attributes and skills that you should aim for when creating a Death-Poker Build:

1. Dexterity: This should be your highest priority, as it determines your attack speed, accuracy, and evasion rate. Invest in the dexterity attribute whenever you level up, and look for equipment that boosts your dexterity or critical rate.

2. Intelligence: This is your secondary attribute, as it amplifies your spellcasting abilities and grants you access to powerful sorceries and pyromancies that enhance your damage, movement, and perception. Invest in the intelligence attribute whenever you level up, and look for equipment that boosts your intelligence or spellcasting speed.

3. Endurance: This is your third attribute, as it determines your stamina and equip load, which affect your ability to dodge, block, and carry gear. Invest in the endurance attribute whenever you level up, and look for equipment that balances your defense and mobility.

4. Vitality: This is your fourth attribute, as it determines your HP or health pool, which is crucial for surviving in combat. Invest in the vitality attribute whenever you level up, and look for equipment that adds extra HP or resistance to specific types of damage.

5. Adaptability: This is your fifth attribute, as it determines your agility and resistance to status effects, such as poison, curse, and stagger. Invest in the adaptability attribute whenever you level up, and look for equipment that boosts your agility or negates harmful effects.

The Essential Skills and Spells of the Death-Poker Build

Here are some of the essential skills and spells that you should learn and upgrade when building a Death-Poker setup:

1. Quickstep: This is a unique dodge move that consumes less stamina than the regular roll, and allows you to move faster and more precisely. You can learn it from the Stealth Instructor NPC in the tutorial area, and upgrade it with the Dagger Mastery skill that enhances your critical damage with daggers and thrusting swords.

2. Critical Strike: This is a technique that enables you to deal massive damage to enemies when you land a critical hit on their weak points, such as their back, head, or limbs. You can perform a critical strike by pressing the light attack button after you parry or backstab an enemy, or interrupt their attack animation with a well-timed strike. You can upgrade your critical damage with the Assassin Mastery skill that enhances your damage with daggers and thrusting swords.

3. Sorceries and Pyromancies: This is a category of spells that enables you to cast various offensive and defensive spells that consume MP or mana instead of stamina. Some of the useful sorceries and pyromancies for the Death-Poker Build include Hidden Blade, a spell that allows you to backstab enemies from a distance and gain temporary invisibility; Soul Arrow, a spell that fires a fast and weak projectile that can interrupt enemy attacks or trigger critical hits; and Flame Whip, a spell that creates a fiery whip that deals area damage and staggers enemies.

4. Stealth and Detection: This is a set of skills and spells that enables you to sneak past enemies, surprise them from behind, and track them more easily. Some of the useful stealth and detection skills and spells for the Death-Poker Build include the Sneak Mastery skill that reduces your detection range and sound, the Smoke Bomb spell that creates a cloud of smoke that obscures your position and confuses enemies, and the Keen Eye spell that highlights the weak points of enemies and objects.


The Death-Poker Build is a powerful and versatile setup that combines speed, precision, and magic to dispatch enemies in quick and stylish ways. By investing in the core attributes and skills of the build, and experimenting with different weapons, spells, and gear, you can adapt to various situations and challenges, and become a feared and respected warrior in the world of Elden Ring. However, remember that building a character in Elden Ring is not just about maximizing your stats or copying other builds; it’s about creating a unique and personal experience that reflects your playstyle, preferences, and imagination.


1. Can I use the Death-Poker Build in PvP or co-op modes?
Yes, you can use the Death-Poker Build in any mode, but remember that human opponents may have different tactics and strategies than NPCs, and may be more resistant to your critical hits or sorceries.

2. What weapons are best for the Death-Poker Build?
Daggers, thrusting swords, katanas, and curved swords are good choices for the Death-Poker Build, as they have fast attacks, critical bonuses, and good scaling with dexterity. You can also use bows or crossbows for ranged attacks.

3. Do I need to wear light armor for the Death-Poker Build?
Not necessarily, but wearing light armor can help you to move faster and dodge more easily, especially if you invest in the Quickstep skill. You can also mix and match heavier armor pieces that grant you good defense and resistances without sacrificing too much mobility.

4. What spells or miracles can I use with the Death-Poker Build?
You can use any spells or miracles that complement your playstyle, but the Death-Poker Build focuses more on sorceries and pyromancies than miracles or hexes. You can try the Light spell for illumination, the Heal spell for recovery, the Homing Soul Mass spell for area damage, or the Firestorm spell for crowd control.

5. Can I combine the Death-Poker Build with other builds?
Yes, you can combine the Death-Poker Build with other builds, such as the Tank, the Mage, or the Hybrid, to create a more varied and flexible character. However, be aware that some builds may require different stat allocations or gear setups, and may not synergize well with the Death-Poker’s playstyle.

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