Uncover the Exclusive Goodness of Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition: Limited-Time Offer Inside!

The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is a Limited-Time offer that shouldn’t be missed by any fan of the game. With its exclusive leather jacket, a collection of 7 pins, and a replica of the Delsin’s beanie, it’s clear that the Collector’s Edition is an ultimate fan package. In this article, we will uncover the Exclusive Goodness of Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition and why you shouldn’t miss this Limited-Time Offer.

1. The Exclusive Leather Jacket:

The leather jacket is the show-stopper element of this package, and for good reason. It’s expertly made from high-quality materials and features Delsin’s “squad” insignia embroidered on the back. It’s a perfect way to show off your love for the game in real life with this classic leather jacket. This jacket is exclusively made for the collector’s edition and wouldn’t be available anywhere else.

2. A Collection of 7 Pins:

The collector’s edition also features a collection of 7 pins, each featuring one of the game’s characters. Each pin is beautifully crafted and designed to capture the likeness of each character in great detail. It’s a great way to show off your fandom of the game or simply use it as a collector’s item.

3. Replica of Delsin’s Beanie:

Delsin’s beanie has become an iconic element of the game and a recognizable symbol for the franchise. The Collector’s Edition includes a replica of the beanie, perfectly capturing the look and feel of the original. It’s a great way to complete any cosplay inspired by Delsin.

4. Additional Digital Content:

Apart from physical content, the Collector’s Edition also contains additional digital content for the game. It includes the Cole’s Legacy DLC, which connects the story of Infamous Second Son to that of Infamous 2, and unlocks Delsin’s Cole-inspired jacket along with some other in-game perks.


The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is an ultimate fan package that should not be missed. The jacket, beanie, and 7-character pins are exclusive to the Collector’s Edition, and the additional digital content makes it a must-have for any fan of the game. With limited time offered, collectors must act fast to secure their package.


Q1. Is the Leather Jacket made of Genuine Leather?

Yes, the jacket is made of genuine leather and has been expertly crafted to ensure durability.

Q2. Can I get the Collector’s Edition after the Limited-Time Offer ends?

Unfortunately, no. The Collector’s Edition is exclusively available during the Limited-Time Offer and will not be restocked once sold out.

Q3. How long will the Limited-Time Offer last?

The duration of the Limited-Time Offer may vary depending on where you’re purchasing the package from. Please check the store’s website for further details.

Q4. What is the size range of the jacket available in the Collector’s Edition?

The jacket is available in various sizes ranging from Small to XXL.

Q5. Can I still get the Digital Content if I buy the game separately?

The digital content included in the Collector’s Edition is exclusive to the package and cannot be obtained by buying the game separately.

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