Unbox the Ultimate Experience: Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition

Unbox The Ultimate Experience: Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition

If you’re a fan of video games, you’ve probably heard of Infamous Second Son. This game, only available on PlayStation 4, has gained a serious following since its release in 2014. And if you’re a hardcore fan, you definitely need to get your hands on the Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition.

But what makes this edition so special? Let’s break it down.

What’s in the Box?

The Collector’s Edition comes with a ton of goodies. Here’s what you can expect to find:

– A copy of Infamous Second Son, obviously.
– A replica of Delsin Rowe’s beanie, which he wears throughout the game.
– A set of 8 pins, each featuring a different Conduit power (the abilities you use in the game).
– A set of decals that you can use to decorate your console or controller.
– An exclusive cover for the game, featuring different artwork than the regular version.
– The Cole’s Legacy DLC pack, which includes additional missions and an exclusive in-game jacket.

What Makes It Special?

The Collector’s Edition isn’t just a bunch of physical extras. It also comes with some exclusive digital content.

For one, you’ll get access to four in-game vests that you can use to customize Delsin’s appearance. These vests aren’t available in the regular version of the game, so you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.

You’ll also get access to two exclusive in-game missions. These missions aren’t just filler – they actually expand on the game’s story and provide some extra background on Delsin and his allies.

Finally, you’ll get access to a digital soundtrack featuring music from the game. This isn’t just any old soundtrack – it features unique, remixed versions of the game’s music that you can only get in the Collector’s Edition.

Why You Need It

Okay, so the Collector’s Edition has a bunch of cool stuff that you won’t get in the regular version of the game. But why is it worth the extra cash?

First of all, it’s important to note that this edition is limited in quantity. Once they’re gone, they’re gone – so if you’re a diehard fan, you’ll want to act fast.

But more than that, the Collector’s Edition provides a truly immersive experience. The replica beanie and Conduit pins allow you to physically embody Delsin’s character, while the exclusive DLC and missions let you dive deeper into the game’s story.

If you’re someone who loves to fully engage with the worlds they’re playing in, the Collector’s Edition is a must-have.


1. Will the Collector’s Edition work on any PlayStation 4 console?
Yes, it will work on any PlayStation 4 console. However, keep in mind that the cover art is only for the physical PS4 version of the game – if you buy the digital version, you won’t get the unique cover.
2. Are the in-game vests purely cosmetic, or do they affect gameplay?
The vests are purely cosmetic – they don’t affect gameplay in any way.
3. Can I buy the DLC and missions separately, without getting the physical extras?
No, the Cole’s Legacy DLC pack and the two exclusive missions are only available as part of the Collector’s Edition.
4. Is this edition backwards compatible with PlayStation 5?
Yes, it is backwards compatible with PlayStation 5. However, keep in mind that the beanie and pins will not work with the DualSense controller.
5. Is the Collector’s Edition worth the extra cost?
That depends on how much you love Infamous Second Son and how much you value physical extras. If you’re a true fan who wants to fully immerse themselves in the game’s world, the Collector’s Edition is definitely worth it.

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