Unbox the Limited Edition Goodies of Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition

Unbox the Limited Edition Goodies of Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition

For video game enthusiasts, collector’s edition releases are a big deal. They symbolize the ultimate expression of fan dedication, and bring with them a host of exclusive goodies that can only be obtained by completing the the pre-order. The “Infamous Second Son” Collector’s Edition is no exception, featuring a carefully curated selection of limited edition items for players to enjoy. This article will take a deep dive into the contents of this collector’s edition, highlighting its most exciting features.

The centerpiece of this edition is a nine inch, statue of Delsin Rowe, the game’s protagonist, in fine detailing. This statue is a high-quality representation of Rowe, complete with his dynamic, attention-grabbing attitude. The model is crafted from polyresin, ensuring it’s sturdy and will remain in perfect condition for a long time. It is a perfect collector’s item and is sure to make a statement on any gaming enthusiast’s shelf.

In addition to the statue, the collector’s edition box also includes an exclusive hardcover art book. This book showcases the concept art that inspired the game’s development, including everything from detailed character sketches to stunning setting designs. The book is a must-have item for any Infamous Second Son fan or art enthusiast alike, providing a unique glimpse into the visually stunning world of the game.

Inside the artbook is a bonus exclusive content, including a code to download the original soundtrack from the game. The soundtrack is filled with tense electronic tracks and memorable themes that capture the mood of each scene. This music is perfect for creating a dynamic atmosphere during game sessions. It is available exclusively on this collector’s edition, which makes it an invaluable purchase for video game music enthusiasts.

As viewers unbox the collector’s edition, they will notice a few smaller yet intriguing items in the box. One item is Delsin Rowe’s beanie, which is one of the iconic accessories of the game. It is a unique beanie, made to resemble Delsin’s signature headwear in the game. This item is perfect for expressing the gamer’s appreciation of the game in everyday life. Gamers will also appreciate the collector’s edition exclusive set of 8 pins which showcases the Conduit abilities of Delsin Rowe himself.

Rounding out the collection of exclusive goodies is a vinyl cut-out of the game’s logo. This vinyl is a must-have for video game merchandise collectors as it is an excellent way to showcase fan dedication on any wall or flat surface. The vinyl is a perfect addition to the Infamous Second Son memorabilia collection.

In conclusion, the “Infamous Second Son” Collector’s Edition offers fans an amazing opportunity to enjoy exclusive memorabilia that showcases a beloved game. Its unique combination of a high-quality statue, an art book filled with exclusive content, and a digital soundtrack, beanie, pin set, and vinyl cut-out of the logo all make it an indispensable collection item for gamers worldwide.

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