Twitch Turbo is The Best Way to Twitch

Twitch Turbo is there for when you don’t want to subscribe to all the Twitch streamers you watch cause some of them are not worthy of your $5.00 a month, but worthy enough to enjoy for a little bit. Twitch Turbo is here to let you keep those pesky, annoying, repeating, ads that keep coming specially in Ninja’s stream with about 8-10 ads each break!

twitch turbo
Twitch Turbo

What is this Twitch Turbo?

It is the equivalent of a YouTube Premium subscription that keeps them nasty pre-roll ads away from you. It does not block the ads that the streamer sends at you manually, but it won’t drown you in Twitch automated ads or the pre-roll ones. Now I hope that means Tfue’s ads every time he is starting a new game in Apex Legends will have at least 1 less ad or less often.

Yes you are thinking that is exactly what Twitch Prime with Amazon Prime does, but no, yet yes, but not really! Amazon Gaming or Amazon Prime Gaming for those grammar, nazis, does the same thing for that 1 stream that you decide to use your free prime sub with for that month. The ads will still be there for all the other streamers that you watch.

Twitch Turbo blocks them all across all streamers and devices that you decide to watch someone else live their life or at have as background noise. By the way you do get cool unique emotes and the ability to change the color of your name in twitch chat so it is a bit chill, together, with the unique badge that you get to show off.

Twitch Prime vs Twitch Turbo

Yes to clarify Twitch Prime is an add on that acts more of a complimentary add on to your Twitch experience. It used to provide the same ad free experience, but Jeff and the Amazon team need to keep some numbers going and can’t giving away free money to all of us Twitch fans so they removed it and it is only thru the Twitch Turbo that you get completely ad free Twitch.

twitch turbo
Twitch Prime Benefits

Look if you are an amazon costumer and a decently frequent one just get the prime and decide getting Twitch Turbo afterwards cause you get the whole Amazon free 2 day shipping thingy and access to some meh, decent, so so tv shows and movie access. PS: You get access to sometimes nice loot or add ons to some games that you might be in to playing them.

twitch turbo
Twitch Turbo Benefits

These are the Twitch Turbo Benefits. You can read these and the Amazon Prime ones to compare them, but the main difference is the backup of past streams goes up from 14 days to 60 and the aforementioned chat perks, plus, the big one which is the ad free Twitch experience. oh yeah the Chat Badge is cooler battery when compared to the crown.

Alternatives to Twitch Turbo

Look there are save ways that you can block ads from the internet, including twitch, but there is also the “computer mom” methods like a simple ad blocker. The issue is the time and resources plus convenience that you have to consider here. Twitch Turbo is the $9 and you get exactly what you pay for.

The ad blockers will be canceled out by Twitch if they are popular ones or crappy ones cause they can tell. The method of modding your internet connection to not allow ads will work on your PC or your entire home network if you do it right, but it won’t work if you are out and about. It is more hands on for sure, but if you have the time than go at it!

I recommend just paying for the Twitch Turbo cause it is simple and it just works on your account, but if you have the time and interest than go at it and try different ad blockers or get save and tech and configure your home network to block them nasty ads! It is a free country gosh darn it!

How To Subscribe To Twitch Turbo?

Convinced or at least going to try it out? Go to the link here:

twitch turbo
Landing Page

Here you hit the Subscribe button after you have logged in or it will ask you if you want to log in or create a Twitch account. You can cancel it before it auto renews just don’t wait for the day of. You can cancel the same day or the day after and it will last until the end of the month.

You can manage it in your Twitch account settings and enjoy it! I will be trying it my self and I will keep your posted on my socials under RichieRichLabs and don’t forget to use those free ad bonuses on me when I stream cause I try to keep the pre-roll ads away and sometimes I drown my viewers on Twitch under ENDWARO7 or RichieRichLabs with ads.

Anyquestions or comments shoot away in the comments or on socials! Till next time happy Twitching!

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