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Prime Gaming takes over Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime, or now known as Prime Gaming is a service offered by Amazon. Amazon is the company behind Twitch. In 2014 Amazon bought Twitch for $970 million. The company then introduced Twitch Prime, which was a service available to Amazon Prime members. Over the last year Amazon renamed Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming, after concluding that most people are unfamiliar with Twitch.

What Is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming is Amazon’s way of giving back to the gamers. With an Amazon Prime membership you get faster shipping, the inhouse music and video service, as well as in game rewards. Amazon is constantly expanding their prime services, giving the consumer more and more reasons to sign up for the subscription service.

There are two main benefits associated with Prime Gaming. First you receive a lot of in game loot for the games that you play. This in game loot can vary from time to time and platform you play on. Second you receive a free tier 1 sub for Amazon’s streaming platform, Twitch. This free sub can be spent on any eligible Twitch streamer and does not auto renew monthly, so you can spend the subscription on a different streamer every single month.

What In Game Rewards Can You Expect?

On the Prime Gaming website you find a list of all the in game loot that is currently offered by this service. The loot varies from the game to game. For some games you will receive free weapon or character skins, others might unlock full heroes, or provide you with a booster package. The loot also changes every once in a while as well as the games the loot is for. 

How To Claim The Free Sub

In order to claim your free monthly sub or also known as Prime Sub, you have to link your Amazon and Twitch account. There are two ways to do this.

In your Twitch settings locate connections and link your amazon account. Or through the Prime Gaming website, in the upper left corner click Manage Twitch Accounts and link your Twitch account.

The monthly Prime sub does not auto renew once you spend it. At the end of the month you can select a different Twitch streamer to spend the subscription on, or renew with the same streamer. Once you find a channel to subscribe to, click subscribe and choose Prime.

How Much Does It Cost

Prime Gaming itself does not cost you anything. The service comes with an Amazon Prime subscription which is purchased through Amazon. Prime Gaming is part of the benefit package alongside Prime Music and Prime Video. A Prime subscription costs $12.99/month or $119/year.

If you have any further questions regarding Amazon Prime Gaming, feel free to reach out to me via my socials or through Streaming Live Academy. If you would like to start your own live streaming journey, I highly recommend reading our Full Guide on How To Stream To Twitch.


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