Twitch is DONE – Twitch DMCA Problem Explained

TWITCH IS DONE, Why and how can they Fix it

Okay, boys in 10 minutes Let’s digest the big news. Your twitch career has a dead end has an expiration date. That’s over. Like the yogurt. That’s the same Exactly. Once it expires. Those badly asked. True. So why guys? Why are people’s careers like at risk in twitch or your future with twitches latest DMCA, the DMCA strikes and even getting stroke struck struck Even I know that is another thing and even for deleted content, like even when clips have been deleted, and everything they still getting struck with the stroke down.

Getting stroke hard, so twitches just and I don’t know if you guys saw the twitches apology letter, email. No, no, no. Tell us about that. I don’t want to read that crap. Tell us. Tell us Oh, yeah. So basically, in real fast, I mean, put it on the screen here. It’s at twitch saying they didn’t see it coming. either side, I had no idea that DMCA strikes would happen to this extent. In previous years, they have seen about 50 DMCA strikes a year 50. So they knew it was a problem. But it wasn’t enough of a problem to be addressed. And now there are 1000s happening in it. They didn’t see it coming. It wasn’t enough that YouTube went through the exact same thing years ago, the exact same thing YouTube did it solved it moved on, twitch didn’t see it coming though, it was out of the blue. No one saw it happening. And so they gave creators tools and time to fix it. Right?

They gave creators the tool to mass delete all content on their twitch channel. And they gave him a whole whopping three days. To do so. I mean, if everyone is jumping from a cliff, and they generally end up dead, I mean, I am not expecting to die, you know, I mean, we will jump and we will see what will happen, you know. So that is basically the email, they didn’t see it coming. They apologized. They didn’t give everyone enough time. yada, yada, yada. Then the other music streaming thing. They didn’t have the actual licenses for the music they were putting on it or something. It wasn’t working. Yeah. Are they idiots? Yeah, so this twitch soundtrack that they came out with the solution got shut down because it wasn’t fully licensed. How dumb can you be. I will give you a solution that will make the ship even worse.

How do you? Yeah, so it’s kind of it’s a thing where a company like twitch with having all the data that money and everything, didn’t see it coming? While other companies, big platforms, YouTube went through the whole thing already. And they didn’t see it coming. It just you know, sounds pretty. What he called disingenuous or dishonest. I think so. Yeah. They’re the nine year nine year old company. Of course, the owner is Amazon. And you’re telling me you didn’t see it coming? And that you didn’t do a proper license musical service. It’s like, yeah, that is the worst, they would have been better recommending other services like pretzel rock stream beats whatsoever. That would have been like, how dare you promoting another thing that is not Amazon friendly? You know? Why they might have saved their own?

How do you How dare you promote your partner’s services? No. I don’t know is that for real is? Is this not just an excuse? Because in the end It seems that the music industry is using algorithms to actually detect the audio tracks from the videos. Okay. Very simple. And it seems that even if you delete every one of your clips, okay, the clips will still be stored in the system in which the actual detection happens, even if you delete everything, so you delete all of your stuff for absolutely no reason, because you will end up being banned. Anyway. So Twitch is like, yeah, bro, you delete your stuff and be careful deleting the right content you know?

Because in the end I don’t freaking care and you be banned anyway, I like you. They’re spiting in the face of the users. Now it’s just it shows they’re not in we’re talking of course your average streamer I’d say who cares man it’s probably a college dorm kid playing Call of Duty trying to get some viewers or a kid on Fortnite but you’re talking Tim the tap man and others are actually in the six digits. We’re talking big money and you’re treating them the same as Joe in his mom’s basement. It’s like it was even, I like Joe, what I thought was even the, the cherry on top of all of it was yesterday I saw it on Twitter and find it up put it up someone’s saying that in some cases even game music is copyrighted. It is like for example Final Fantasy it’s actually copyrighted. So twitches solution. What they tweeted out was just mute the game audio. So Are you mentaly insane. So now you have people. Now you have just you have a dead stream. Its gameplay footage. No sound. absolute silence. It is it is. Yeah, it is. Though, seriously guys imagine streamer like for example, Pokemon. It just came out a new Final Fantasy 20. And we will start about Wait a second guess I have to mute everything as a MIX at BMG music, Ambient music. Okay. And now I have like jezz, audio. And we start the game. Oh, guys, by the way, if you want to hear the original soundtrack, you have to buy the game. What?

Yeah, it’s quite simple to develop something for developers make it? So all you hear is a the sound effects of like swords, evils that have copyright Be careful even that have copyright. And that’s really good. I think even Mario sound effects like his Mario sounds. So taking all that into consideration, and I know we touched on it a little bit, I think, a couple episodes ago. So do you think this could be one of the reasons or the reason for twitch to just finally lose a significant amount of market share or just completely die off? Who are you asking that Everyone? Oh, in the comments, you guys. And don’t forget, guys hit the subscribe button with a bell and alike along the way. But, guys, I think if Jeff basis wants us to keep going, it’ll recover. It’ll keep going. They’ll just toss money at it. And things will work out. Okay, question mark? Why would Jeff Bezos care about Twitch? Yeah, that’s what I was getting. That’s I think, right now, Reacher is a shit show, okay, it’s a real shit show, the only thing they can do is create a DMCA control tool feature. Like, for example, as they said, on Final Fantasy, if I put a Final Fantasy on my YouTuber, I will receive a copyright strike. Like a soft one in which I can counter claim it. And they will basically accept that it is fair use. Good. You can’t do that on which you need a full fledged feature that will manage the situation between the end user and the company that that’s hard to manage. And I think the other issue that they had is that if I mean some people do own or have licensed music that like they hold the license to, to stream it and to display it on stream. But there is no tool on twitches site to take that into consideration.

So people even get it get a DMCA strike, even though they hold the license. So then you got a counterclaim it and at that point might already be banned and lose time and money until you finally get the counterclaim and prove that you have the license to play that music. Exactly. Exactly. Like for example, in the early days. So while PewDiePie had the partnership with Disney, he could actually use Disney content without the copyright strikes. Like that’s amazing. Yeah. But back to your question. Yeah, like right now Twitch is a shit show. It’s not making any money, like profitable. So why why would he keep going with it? Why would Amazon not Think about like, half what that is on Twitch that can be profitable. Okay, we got to thinking about a sector of the market that doesn’t really have any other strong competitors. Because still, Twitch is still probably the biggest streaming platform, even if we have a fast growing a YouTuber and a fast growing Facebook gaming, okay, it’s still the biggest.

But again, while a Facebook can actually put all of the ads that they already have on the stream, so you can actually earn money and manage that situation easily. Same for YouTube, they already have a ads structure that they can manage everything, Twitch doesn’t have shit at all. And they are just giving you ads of Amazon. Okay, free ads for them. Is it worth to maintain servers, structure updates, employees, workers, employees and everything? I don’t think so. I don’t see any reason. If they don’t have like a future plan to explore this platform to earn at all. I think the answer YouTube are going away. So why do you think Amazon one day? What do you think companies and this kind of speculating would want? You know, have you heard the rumors of Apple trying to testing out their own search engine?

Do you think companies that are so big, they’re going to try to create their own YouTube? I mean, there have been other platforms exactly like YouTube before that just aren’t around anymore. And yeah, in the early days of YouTube, and I think at this point, Google input that YouTube was just in such a position that it would be extremely hard for someone to enter the market and make it work. But I mean, if you think about Vimeo, for example, Vimeo is the main competitor of YouTube. But remember that due to the fact that YouTube is owned by Google, okay. Is it owned by Google? Right? Yeah. It was like, not again, all reality. And the other one reality, I you do a research on Google, what you will find in the surfer is almost always a YouTube video. Never a Vimeo, video. Why? Because that’s their own stuff, they can actually take that data and give you value is not a monopoly. But it’s just that they have it, they give it to you for free. But that’s actually a monopoly they they are creating involuntarily, or maybe voluntarily, but that I’m sure they’re aware of it and exploiting it to, absolutely.

But I think that that’s a good point. And I think that’s where twitches coming short is that Twitch is owned by Amazon, which in essence, have that the two of them have nothing in common. You take the streaming, YouTube has still all this tons of offline content that can be consumed at any given time, from almost anywhere in the world. And same with Facebook, they have all the other things that are connected to live streaming, and they don’t rely on live streaming. And Twitch, only has live streaming. And even though they’re backed up by Amazon, which has a lot of money, and that could dumb money and four days, at the end of the day, there’s nothing on Amazon that can directly help twitch to I mean, they could like for example, if we take Google, Google is giving you an added value by providing you a video right? From right over, right. Amazon could show you the product of a game and show you a connected streamer. But the problem is, if they show you twitch while you’re going on Amazon, you are maybe with a buy intent, you want to buy the game, but you go to Twitch, we should use it again.

Okay, I will not buy it anymore. Yeah. Your experience like it will never work. Like I don’t know why Amazon did actually buy Twitch. What is it? Was it a PR move? Or Oh, and I think that that’s a good point. I think that integration I mean, even if you think about it, they have amazon music, amazon prime video, they could probably figure out a way to integrate twitch live streaming with prime video, but it’s the same thing. You go into Amazon because prime because you’re maybe looking for a movie and you’re looking to rent or buy the movie to watch it if it’s not included in your prime subscription. Or maybe you don’t have a prime subscription.

But then you see a live stream and then it’s the same thing you were talking about. You get distracted and you’re not actually buying out of impulse what you were intended to buy lower the conversion rate. If I say this phrase, it will lower the conversion rate in any company that has a management and expecially stakeholders. They will spit my FACTS. It just they are losing money, a lot. For a company like Amazon even losing a 0.01% of the conversion rate. That’s millions that they are losing right, now. So you tell us viewers, what’s your end of the day? Why did they acquire twitch? That is a good question? That’s actually a good question. That’s a good question. And if I had $10 billion, and I didn’t know what to do with 1 billion of them, would you buy twitch? That is I mean, I would actually buy i don’t know i nice loud. He already had an I know, they have the Amazon. No, there is actually a isle that I bought. Yeah. But that’s a turtle one. It’s like with anyone I even even if you look at Facebook. When when Zuckerberg buys other companies, it’s usually direct competitors.

And then it benefits him to an extent. But for Amazon, I really see absolutely no connection whatsoever why they bought Twitch. In the beginning, I was thinking they are buying a Twitch to actually buy the data of T shirt to actually have a better gaming gotten conversion rate on their own site. Because if they know who watches the games a lot, they have a premium segment of the market and of the data they can use for remarketing or retargeting campaigns on that audience. So basically, I am giving an ad to people that I am 95% assured that they will come back and they will buy it from me. Do you guys remember, there was amazon prime benefits for videogame pre orders. They said they were doing it they used to do back when I think they got Twitch. It was 20% off if you preorder it on Amazon Video Games, if you had Twitch. Prime. I don’t remember something like that. Yeah, it wasn’t for long, though. Yeah. They sow it don’t work.

They lost money with that. Probably because those who actually use that, that that promotion. Were the ones that already were buying on Amazon. Right? They were gonna buy it no matter what. Yeah, yeah, that’s the point. The save the money but didn’t generate enough new custumers. So you have a minus 20% of commercial agree. That is smart That covers it. Yeah. Let us know in the comments why you think Amazon bought twitch? So, Last question. Very, very faster. How much time do you think which will survive? Time? Well, if we are speaking of how long Amazon could potentially fund twitch forever long. I think they want I think how long given? I mean, when do you think they will deprecate the project? I would say if there is nothing changing by the end of 2021.

So exactly in the year, if they’re still in the same shithole, I think we will see YouTube and Facebook, claiming a lot more of the market share and taking that away from Twitch. If nothing is changing, and I think there will be a threshold or a point where Amazon will just drop it because they either don’t want to deal with it or because they can’t think of a solution to reclaim the market share or hold their position any longer. So I would say if nothing is changing by the end of next year, twitch will probably pull the plug merge with something else be sold to someone but I think Amazon is gonna drop it. Okay. And Endwar, same question. And I think six to 12 months. Okay, I will go with six to 10 months and I am quite positive today. So what do you think we’ll do that end of Twitch? Tell us down down in the comments and we are gonna roll it.


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