Twitch – Finding your niche

Growing on Twitch is extremely difficult and by now it is very well known that having another platform and channel to drive viewers to Twitch is the best way to get a foot in the door, but there is another way to achieve success on Twitch. This article is covering the basics on how to find a niche on Twitch and stand out from other creators.

With more than five million unique streams every single month, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge, but once achieved can bring great success in a short amount of time. 


When deciding to become a Twitch streamer figuring out the game to stream is usually the first step. Most streamers jump on the game they enjoy the most and hit the broadcast button, and this is where most streamers already fail. Streaming the game that you play the most is often a game that most people play for example Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Valorant, etc. These games are extremely saturated with streamers and the top 3-10 streamers often hold 99% of the viewership. With zero discoverability on Twitch, the only way to grow is to rank high enough in a game category that when viewers open up Twitch your stream is the first one they see and check out. How do you rank high in a game category? Ranking is solely based on viewership. The higher the viewer count, the higher the stream ranks. In order to rank as the first stream in popular games you often need thousands of viewers and hundreds to be considered by viewers that take the time to scroll down the category for a while. 


How to rank high

In order to find a game that is not flooded by streamers, a little research is required. The first step is to determine what genre of games you enjoy. Having fun playing a game is the most important and needs to come above all. Trying to force stream a game that you personally do not enjoy and would never play off stream, will be noticed by the viewership and drive viewers away. After determining your genre of choice, for example FPS, MMO, Indie games, start browsing those categories on Twitch and see what games are streamed in each category. 


Now that you have a good overview of the genre that you enjoy and the games streamed in this genre, it is time to research those games and get a feel if any of these games appeal to what you like to play. As a rule of thumb you want to find a game with a viewership between 1k and 5k at any given time. The viewership is important because it will allow you to find a game that is not considered “dead” on twitch and is neither “saturated”, so that you have a chance of ranking high when streaming. 


Bonus tips

Besides finding the perfect game that will help you grow on Twitch here are two more tips that will help you succeed.


Sullygnome is a website that provides you with Twitch analytics and statistics. You can search for streamers or games and get a lot of information. When searching for a game with sullygnome, here are some statistics you want to pay attention to.

Average viewers tell you how many people watch this game in general, and you can adjust the time period from daily to weekly to yearly. Average channels tells you the amount of streamers at any given time.

Viewer ratio is the most important statistic to look at. The higher the number, the more chance viewers will find your stream. The ratio takes into account the amount of streamers as well as the amount of viewers. More viewers and less streamers mean a higher ratio and more chances for you to rank high and get discovered.


Another trick is to find a game with an open player trading system. Games that have open player trading are a great way to build communities. This allows you to give ingame items that are not beneficial to you to your viewers and build a relationship. This can work in any genre. Some examples are skin trading in Counter Strike, item trading in World of Warcraft or Path of Exile.


Finding a niche and differentiating yourself from 5 million other streamers can be a challenge, but finding a game you can grow in and become an expert in, is a good starting point and can go a long way. With anything on Twitch, remember that success does not come overnight!
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