Twitch DMCA Copyright Strikes Only Happen For Music…You Are Wrong!

     Under current copyright law the fact that you are playing a video game can get you a copyright strike. Every publisher or video game developer can create and enforce a fan content policy where they can define The way in which you can utilize their game for example blocking you from sharing it on social media or making videos. There is however a balance that Hass to be maintained by their policy so when they create it they have to be careful with how much constraint they are asking for.

     The part of the law that is on your favor is the fair use act which allows you to have some wiggle room on the utilization of their creation for your personal use and even monetization. Their characters and stories plus dialogue and specific things about their games are protected under copyright law, but not the gameplay itself you can create something that is similar and as long as it is different enough that it shows that you have to add a considerable amount of work to the creation even though it is quite similar to the original then you are pretty much safe.

     If this is news to you and you want to make sure that your hobby does not get affected or your future job as a content creator don’t forget to sign up for our free content creation PDF where we cover and share with you all the nitty-gritty details of the industry for free. Also come talk to us using the #streamingliveacademy or to me on social media under ENDWARO7.

     Twitch in my opinion is a company that is slacking and not building upon their own success. The DMCA copyright strikes on music for people that are using artist songs without permission it is wrong just as much as it is the DMCA striking method. I believe that twitch is not helping its creators and the ones performing the strikes are abusing their power and a lot of streamers are not compensating the music creators! If you are not a ninja or a medium size streamer the song helps you not the other way around so the argument that I am bringing the artist people falls on its own head in my opinion.

     I believe that we need to create a way to license any artist song for our own content at an affordable price and if the artist doesn’t want it then they don’t need to, but right now if I want to use a famous artists song no matter what size of streamer I am it is definitely not a plug-and-play solution out there to use. Plus the whole three strikes and you’re out on twitch is trash and it needs to go like yesterday. 

     This is a change in landscape and if you want to stay on track with it and on top of the news then stick around streaming live and we will keep you posted plus share any advice we have on social media‘s under the teams specific social media accounts. I’ll be streaming Monday Wednesday and Friday on Facebook gaming so if you need any help come talk to me and until next time I hope you enjoy the video that it links along with this article.Twitch in my opinionTwitch in my opinion is a company that isTwitch in my opinion is a company that is slacking and notTwitch in my opinion is a company that is slacking and not building upon their own success.
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