Try These YouTube Video Ideas

Are you wondering how to make a YouTube video? Well, it’s not that difficult, and there are many resources available to help you out. Here are some of the trendiest ideas for making YouTube videos.

YouTube Video Ideas

Makeup Tutorials

Viewers love beauty and makeup videos. Anyone, from teens to adults, loves to see a tutorial on creating the perfect winged liner in three easy steps. YouTube tutorials can help you get started in the makeup world and gain thousands of subscribers. Denitslava Makeup is a popular channel with 2.99 million subscribers and easy makeup tutorials.


These DIY tutorials can be used to solve any problem, from crafting to wardrobe malfunctions, that are quick and easy. Choose your audience, children or adults, and choose from hundreds of DIY videos on YouTube. You can choose from arts and crafts, gardening, cooking, or home decor. A DIY expert must clearly explain each step with HD video in professional quality. It will make it easy for everyone to follow. Get inspired by HGTV handmade channel that has 695K subscribers.

Explainer Videos 

These videos are an excellent way to excite people about new products or concepts. They include animated videos and screen recordings that simplify the process. On the other hand, visual explainer videos are engaging and visually appealing. They highlight the most recent products and concepts and grab people’s attention. It is how Yum Yum Video engages thousands of viewers through their animated explainer videos.

Music Videos 

Music videos featuring their favorite songs are a popular pastime. YouTube’s music videos have millions of views and are very popular. So record a few covers with your instrument. Chloe Moriondo, a YouTuber who gained fame through her amateur music videos, is now a featured artist on Vevo videos.

Comedy Skits

Comedy skits make for great entertainment, especially for children. Comedy skits are viral among regular viewers, whether they are parody or satire, satires, fails, or humorous challenges. These videos are great for making your audience laugh, especially if they can relate to the events around them. These videos can help you gain a lot of popularity in a short time. The key is to be genuinely funny without being too offensive. Comedy skits can be a great way to learn how to balance humor and seriousness. Comedy Central can help you get your punchlines just right.

Review of Products

YouTube is a wonderful platform to find product reviews and buy products. Product reviews can be beneficial before purchasing anything, from gadgets to clothes. Video unboxings that include detailed product reviews can help customers understand the pros and disadvantages of the product and its benefits and determine if it is worth the effort. A product review video that is engaging and detailed can make your channel explode. This product reviewer Marques Brownlee will help you get the basics. He has millions of followers.

Trivia Treats 

People are always amazed by a dose of trivia and interesting facts. YouTube has a lot of trivia videos that will amaze you if you are a natural learner. As they enjoy their favorite videos and learn fun facts, your viewers will be entertained and informed. Trivia videos can be an intelligent way for your viewers to learn fun facts and watch their favorite videos.

Speedrun Videos

Speedrun videos are becoming a fad among gamers of all ages and young adults who love gaming. Speedrun YouTube videos create excitement and thrill in your viewers and keep them hooked on their gaming screens. Speedrun videos are great for gamers who enjoy playing video games. It is Silentwisperer’s way to get love from thousands of gamers with gaming videos.

Parody Videos

You can make a parody video that puts a humorous spin on popular videos, songs, and movies to entertain your audience. Parodies are a popular choice because they have a purpose. Parodies bring back memories and provide humor in one package. You can make viral parody videos using your animation skills, humor, and writing abilities, just like Chad Wild Clay.

Walkthrough Videos 

It’s a lot of fun to walk through any video game. It allows other people to see how you play the game and how you overcome challenges that may be difficult for them. In addition, you may have some favorite games that you enjoy enough to share your knowledge with others. It exactly is what Game Riot did, and millions appreciated it.


It takes planning, creativity, a clearly defined target market, and vision to launch and grow a successful YouTube channel. You can be on the road to success by planning well before hitting the ‘publish’ button on your first video.

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