Troubleshooting Elden Ring: Solutions for Summoning Friends

Title: Troubleshooting Elden Ring: Solutions for Summoning Friends

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated games of this year, and it’s easy to see why. With its immersive world, engaging storyline, and challenging gameplay, it’s no wonder that gamers all over the world are eagerly awaiting its release. However, as with any game, there are bound to be some issues that arise, and one of the most common problems that players seem to have with Elden Ring is trying to summon friends to play together. In this article, we will look at some of the troubleshooting solutions that may help you overcome this problem and enjoy the game with your friends.

What is Summoning in Elden Ring?

Before we dive into the solutions for summoning, let’s take a closer look at what we mean by this. In Elden Ring, summoning is a feature that allows players to bring other players into their world to help them complete the game. This can be especially useful when players are struggling with a particular boss or area that they are finding difficult to get through on their own. When you summon another player, they will appear in your game as a ghost-like figure, and they will be able to fight alongside you until the end of the area or until they are defeated.

Common Problems with Summoning

There are a few common problems that players seem to have when it comes to summoning in Elden Ring:

1. Unable to see summon signs: This is when players cannot find the summon signs that other players have left behind. These signs should be visible on the ground and should allow you to summon other players into your world.

2. Summoning fails: Sometimes, despite seeing the summon signs, players are unable to summon their friends into their world.

3. Disconnections: Once you have summoned a player into your world, sometimes the connection between players can be lost, and the summoned player will be removed from the game.

Troubleshooting Solutions

So, now that we know the most common issues with summoning, let’s look at some of the troubleshooting solutions that may help you overcome these issues:

1. Check your Internet connection: One of the most common causes of summoning issues is a poor internet connection. Make sure that your connection is stable and strong, and check that you have a good signal.

2. Restart the game: This may seem like an obvious solution, but sometimes restarting the game can help to clear up any issues with summoning.

3. Change your server: Elden Ring has several servers around the world, and sometimes changing to a different server can help with issues like summoning.

4. Check your NAT type: Your Network Address Translation (NAT) type can also affect your ability to summon other players. Make sure to set it to “Open” to ensure the best possible experience.

5. Use a password: Sometimes, using a password can help ensure that you are summoning the right person. Make sure that you and your friend are using the same password.


Summoning friends in Elden Ring can be a great way to get through the game’s toughest challenges, but it can also be frustrating if you are having issues. By following the troubleshooting solutions we have listed above, you should be able to overcome most of the problems that you may encounter when summoning other players. Remember to check your Internet connection, restart the game, change your server, check your NAT type, and use a password. With these solutions, you should be able to experience Elden Ring with the help of your friends.


1. Can I summon friends if they are playing on a different platform than me?
No, you cannot summon friends on a different platform. You can only summon players who are playing on the same platform as you.

2. How many players can I summon at once in Elden Ring?
You can summon one or two players at once in Elden Ring.

3. Will summoning other players affect my game progress?
No, summoning other players will not affect your game progress. You will still be able to earn rewards and complete the game as usual.

4. Can I summon players after defeating a boss?
No, once you defeat a boss, you will no longer be able to summon other players. This feature is only available during boss battles.

5. How do I know if I have successfully summoned another player?
Once you have successfully summoned another player, their ghost-like figure will appear in your game, and they will be able to help you fight enemies and bosses.

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