Troubleshooting Elden Ring: 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Join Your Friend and How to Fix It

Elden Ring is a popular online game known for its intense battles, breathtaking lore, and exhilarating gameplay. However, there are instances when players encounter technical difficulties and are unable to join their friends online. This can frustrate gamers and ruin their online experience. In this article, we will delve into five reasons why players can’t join their friends in Elden Ring and how to troubleshoot these issues.

Reason 1: Connection Issues

One of the primary reasons players can’t join their friends is due to connection issues. The internet connection plays a crucial role in online gaming. If there are glitches in the connection, it can cause lag or delay the game, resulting in poor gameplay. In Elden Ring, if the players have poor internet connectivity or if the game’s servers are down, it can lead to connectivity issues.

Solution: To fix connectivity issues, players can try resetting their router or modem or switch to a wired connection. They can also try restarting the game or their device. If none of these solutions work, they can check online forums or contact customer support to get more assistance.

Reason 2: Game or Client Update Issues

Elden Ring releases regular game updates and patches to enhance the gaming experience. However, these updates can sometimes create conflicts if they are not downloaded or installed correctly. If the players’ game or client is outdated, they might be unable to join their friends in-game.

Solution: To fix this issue, players must ensure that they have the latest game or client updates installed. They can check the game’s official website or social media channels for updates or check the game’s auto-update feature.

Reason 3: Cross-Platform Compatibility Issues

Elden Ring is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. However, cross-platform compatibility can sometimes create issues if players are playing on different platforms or if their game version is not compatible.

Solution: To fix cross-platform compatibility issues, players must ensure that they are playing on the same platform and game version as their friends. If they are playing on different platforms, they can use third-party apps like Discord to communicate with their friends and join their game.

Reason 4: Firewall or Antivirus Issues

Some players might encounter connection issues due to their firewall or antivirus blocking Elden Ring’s connection. This firewall or antivirus can stop the game from connecting to the internet, creating issues for the players.

Solution: To fix this issue, players must check their firewall or antivirus settings and ensure that they have added Elden Ring to their exception list. Alternatively, they can try disabling their firewall or antivirus temporarily to join the game and see if the issue persists.

Reason 5: Server Capacity Issues

Elden Ring is a highly popular game, and its servers can sometimes reach maximum capacity, leading to connectivity issues for the players. If too many players are trying to connect to the game simultaneously, it can cause server overload and create issues.

Solution: To fix this issue, players can try waiting for a while before joining the game to give the servers time to refresh. They can also try creating their server or joining a less crowded server to play the game.


Elden Ring is a fantastic gaming experience, but it can be frustrating when players are unable to join their friends due to technical issues. By following the solutions given above, players can troubleshoot these technical difficulties and enjoy their gaming experience without interruptions. The key is to have a stable internet connection, update the game and client regularly, check cross-platform compatibility, and ensure that the firewall or antivirus does not block the game. Troubleshooting Elden Ring can be challenging, but with these tips, players will be back online in no time.


Q1. Can you join Elden Ring without an internet connection?
A1. No, Elden Ring is an online game and requires an internet connection to play.

Q2. How can I check if I have the latest game updates for Elden Ring?
A2. You can check the game’s official website or social media channels for updates or use the game’s auto-update feature to ensure that you have the latest updates.

Q3. Can I play Elden Ring with friends on different platforms?
A3. No, Elden Ring is not cross-platform compatible. You can only play with friends on the same platform as you.

Q4. What should I do if I still can’t join Elden Ring after troubleshooting the issue?
A4. You can check online forums or contact customer support for more assistance with technical difficulties.

Q5. How can I ensure that my firewall or antivirus does not block Elden Ring’s connection?
A5. You can add Elden Ring to your exception list or try disabling the firewall or antivirus temporarily to troubleshoot the issue.

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