Transform Your Sims 4 Game with These Simple Steps to Turn a Sim into an Alien

Transform Your Sims 4 Game with These Simple Steps to Turn a Sim into an Alien

Are you feeling bored with the same old Sims 4 game? Are you looking to make a change and spice up your gameplay? Then why not turn one of your Sims into an alien? That’s right, with the right tool and a few simple steps, you can transform your human Sim into an extraterrestrial being with unique traits and abilities. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of how to turn a Sim into an alien in Sims 4.

Step 1 – Download the “Get to Work” Expansion Pack

The first step in transforming your Sim into an alien is to purchase and download the “Get to Work” expansion pack. This pack introduces the “Alien World” and “Alien Life State” features that allow you to turn your Sim into an alien or have an alien hybrid Sim.

Step 2 – Create or Edit an Existing Sim

Once you have the “Get to Work” pack, create a new Sim or select an existing Sim from your library that you want to turn into an alien. When editing or creating your Sim, you can choose their physical appearance, traits, aspirations, and more. To turn your Sim into an alien, select the “Alien” life state in the “Create a Sim” menu, change their skin color to the green or blue alien skin, add unique details like antenna, eyes or mouth and choose how many fingers as well.

Step 3 – Find and Impregnate an Alien

If you want to have an alien hybrid Sim, you need to impregnate a Sim with an alien. To do this, you first need to find an alien in-game. You can do this by traveling to Sixam, the Alien World or you can find them randomly walking around in-game. When you have found an alien, invite them to your household and start a romantic relationship with them. Once you are in a relationship, you can try for a baby with the alien, and your Sim will become pregnant with an alien hybrid baby.

Step 4 – Explore the Alien Abilities

Now that your Sim is an alien or an alien hybrid, it’s time to explore their unique abilities. Aliens have a range of unique abilities, including mind control, teleportation, and the ability to disguise themselves as a human. Additionally, they have the “Alien Mind” ability that allows them to read other Sims’ emotions and traits, which can help tremendously in social interactions.

Step 5 – Enjoy Your New Alien Sim

Congratulations, you have now turned your Sim into an alien or have an alien hybrid Sim. Enjoy all the new adventures and gameplay opportunities that come with this transformation. You can now experience the Sims 4 game in a new and exciting way by exploring the possibilities of an alien Sim.


Transforming your Sim into an alien is a great way to add a new dimension to your Sims 4 gameplay. Whether it’s through creating a new Sim or impregnating a Sim with an alien, the possibilities are endless. With the “Get to Work” expansion pack, you can explore the Alien World and create alien hybrids with unique abilities. So what are you waiting for? Let’s turn some Sims into aliens.


Q1. Can I turn my Sim into an alien without the “Get to Work” pack?

No, the “Alien Life State” feature is only available in the “Get to Work” expansion pack. You need to purchase this pack to turn your Sim into an alien or create an alien hybrid Sim.

Q2. Can an alien Sim have a human baby?

Yes, an alien Sim can have a baby with a human Sim, and the baby will be a hybrid Sim with unique abilities.

Q3. Can I remove the Alien Life State if I change my mind?

Yes, you can remove the Alien Life State at any time in the “Create a Sim” menu.

Q4. How do I find an alien?

You can find an alien by traveling to the Sixam, the Alien World or waiting for an alien to appear randomly in-game.

Q5. Are there any drawbacks to turning my Sim into an alien?

No, there are no drawbacks to turning your Sim into an alien. It’s just a fun way to add a new twist to your gameplay.

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