Transform Your Life: Unveiling The Insights From It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way Audiobook

Transform Your Life: Unveiling the Insights from “It’s Not Supposed to be This Way” Audiobook

Are you feeling lost, hopeless and defeated because things are not going according to your plans? Do you need guidance and encouragement to get through tough times? Lysa TerKeurst’s audiobook “It’s Not Supposed to be This Way” can help you find your way through life’s difficult moments.

In this article, we will explore the key insights that you can take away from this audiobook to transform your life.


Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker. Her audiobook, “It’s Not Supposed to be This Way,” delves into the difficulties of life, how to deal with them, and how to find hope in the midst of them.

Chapter 1: Facing Reality

Often in life, we find ourselves in situations that were not part of our plan. Lysa teaches us that the first step in dealing with difficult times is to face reality. We must accept that things have not gone as planned, and that it is okay. It is at this point we can start to rebuild and create a new plan.

Chapter 2: Focusing on God

In this chapter, Lysa discusses the importance of focusing on God in the midst of difficult times. Turning to Him in prayer and meditation can help bring a sense of peace and grounding when our world is out of control. When we seek Him, we find that He is always with us and ready to help us through the darkest moments of our lives.

Chapter 3: Finding Perspective

When we are facing trials, it can feel like everything is happening all at once. This can create a sense of overwhelm that can be hard to shake. In this chapter, Lysa shows us how important it is to find perspective. She teaches us how to step back and see things from a different angle, which can help us gain a better understanding of what is happening and how we can move forward.

Chapter 4: Allowing Room for Grief

Grieving is a necessary part of the healing process. It is important to allow ourselves to feel the pain and sadness that comes along with loss. In this chapter, Lysa shows us how to create space for grief and process it in a healthy way. She encourages us to seek support from those around us and to remember that healing takes time.

Chapter 5: Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointment can be one of the most difficult emotions to deal with. It can make us feel like giving up before we have even started. In this chapter, Lysa shows us how to deal with disappointment in a healthy way. She teaches us to embrace the feeling and use it as an opportunity to reflect and reassess our goals.

Chapter 6: Learning to Trust Again

When things go wrong, it can be tough to trust ourselves, others, and even God. In this chapter, Lysa shows us how to learn to trust again. She teaches us how to start small and work our way up to bigger steps. It is important to take the time to reflect on our values and beliefs to build the foundation of trust.

Chapter 7: Finding Peace in the Process

Finally, Lysa explores how to find peace in the midst of the process of healing and moving forward. She teaches us that finding peace is about accepting the journey we have been on and knowing that we are not alone. With the right mindset, we can find peace even in the darkest of moments.


In conclusion, we have explored the key insights from Lysa TerKeurst’s audiobook “It’s Not Supposed to be This Way.” By understanding and applying these insights to our lives, we can transform ourselves and find hope in the face of adversity.


1. What makes this audiobook different from others in the self-help genre?
– “It’s Not Supposed to be This Way” stands out because it is deeply rooted in faith and biblical teachings, offering a unique perspective on dealing with life’s difficulties.

2. How can I apply the teachings of this audiobook to my daily life?
– Take the lessons one chapter at a time and reflect on how they can be applied in your life. Start small and work your way up to bigger changes.

3. How long is the audiobook?
– The audiobook is approximately eight hours long.

4. Is this audiobook appropriate for all ages?
– While the audiobook covers topics that may be difficult for younger audiences, it is appropriate for mature readers of all ages.

5. Where can I find the audiobook?
– The audiobook is available on multiple platforms such as Amazon, Audible, and Barnes & Noble.

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