Top 8 Best Twitch Bots to Host Your Stream

If you’re streaming on Twitch and starting to get some viewers, you probably quickly felt the need to start using bots. Whether it’s to avoid spam in the chat, send special alerts when someone follows the channel or is subscribed, schedule or repeat a message in the chat… In short, there are multiple bots that can meet these needs. And here is a small guide that will allow you to discover some of them, including the most famous at the moment.

Best Twitch Bots

You don’t want to read, you prefer a summary? Here are the Twitch bots we’re going to present:

Twitch bot 1 : Nightbot

By far the most popular bot on Twitch and YouTube, Nightbot has the advantage of being easy to use, integrate and handle on every Twitch stream.

One of its best features is the spam filter. Whether it’s inappropriate URLs, insults, or any other spam that doesn’t belong in the live stream, Nightbot allows eliminating a good part of these messages in order to make the live chat more pleasant (for the viewers as well as for the streamer for sure).

Nightbot allows you to send regular messages automatically. For example, to indicate news, to share your social networks or during a sponsored/affiliated action, to share a video game. In fact, it can be used in many ways, and it’s very useful to be able to focus on the Twitch live!

It is also possible to exempt moderators for example, from any spam filter. But this one allows doing much more like:

  • Offer a gift to a viewer.
  • Allow viewers to vote and choose for the song to put on the stream.
  • Access to chat logs to better understand the reasons for a ban, deletion of a message, etc.

Twitch bot 2 : Moobot


Also popular in the Twitch world, Moobot is a free bot that allows you to perform actions similar to Nightbot such as:

  • Listen to songs according to the viewers’ choice.
  • Set up alerts when a new track or a new subscription is added to the Twitch channel.
  • Automate the sending of messages at a regular interval.
  • Conduct simple polls.
  • Offer gifts to the luckiest viewers.
  • Provide access to Moobot to moderators.

It is possible to customize it as desired, to avoid spam, and focus on the animation of the stream and sharing.

Twitch bot 3 : Wizebot


Wizebot is a service that has been developed by one person for almost 6 years now. The developer has designed it especially for streamers, and it contains many great features for life on Twitch. The majority of them being :

  • View the list of subscribers
  • See the list of current followers
  • View all unfollows
  • Show random announcements in the live chat
  • Show various notifications on the chat such as followers, subscriptions or others
  • Interact with the chat using bets, raffles, mini-games, etc.
  • Vote for songs
  • Automatic gift distribution system
  • Set up moderation commands
  • Automatic clip creation
  • An anti-spam system with a warning if rules are broken

Well, basically, although paid, Wizebot provides all the features you may need to set up a Twitch live. Not bad at all. 

Twitch bot 4: Streamlabs chatbot

Streamlabs chatbot

Also very well known, Streamlabs is a very complete tool for streamers whether on the bot side or video encoding with Streamlabs OBS. It works as well for Twitch as for YouTube or Twitch.

The advantage here is its simplicity allowing streamers to focus on the game, creativity and interaction with the live audience.

You can see the list of features! And there are many more. Namely:

  • Implementation of moderation rules
  • Use of sound effects to give a mood to the live
  • Mini-games
  • Choice of songs
  • Set up of loyalty points
  • Timer

Finally, the only thing to know is that Streamlabs is with Nightbot, probably one of the most appreciated in the field because it is simple and pleasant to use.

Twitch Bot 5 : Stream Elements

Stream Elements

Quite famous, Stream Elements is a platform that provides many features. If you already use it for its features like overlays and animations, you won’t be able to miss the chatbot and its other advantages.

If StreamElement is so famous in the field it is not for nothing, they provide many features on which we can only say YES:

  • Animation during donations
  • Mini-games and loyalty giving points to loyal subscribers
  • Overlays
  • Report at the end of the stream (donations, viewers, activity)
  • Anti-spam filter
  • Song proposal
  • Subscriber management
  • Activity stream
  • Stream Element

Twitch bot 6: Deepbot


Deepbot is a paid tool and not well known. However, it has some interesting features like:

  • Discord integration and synchronization
  • The creation of custom orders
  • Gift giving to subscribers
  • Mini-games
  • Voting/polling
  • Song request
  • Live quotes

And more, I let you have a look at it if you want to make up your mind. Warning: it’s not the most beautiful interface in the world.

Twitch Bot 7 : PhantomBot


So here we go on one of the most complete and advanced Twitch bots today. Free for life and open-source, PhantomBot is a software that you can customize 100%, especially if you have development skills. The advantage is that it allows you to use all the tools on the same platform like Twitter, StreamLabs, StreamTip, etc.

Basically, this tool allows you to do all the things we’ve seen before as well as additional features such as:

  • Raid system
  • Chat ranking system
  • Bit / donation alerts
  • Twitter integration
  • Setting up auctions
  • Phantombot

Twitch Bot 8: Botisimo


Botisimo is a cross-platform chatbot for Twitch, YouTuber, Discord. It allows you to moderate your community and your chat quickly and easily with a bunch of commands, polls, spam filters, timers, and a built-in music player.

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