Too Many Games Too Little Time

Are you a devoted gamer that loves exploring new, fun, and exciting video games? Are you often overwhelmed by the sheer number of great titles out there that are just begging to be played? If so, then it’s clear that having too many games but not enough time can be frustrating. But instead of getting overwhelmed or feeling defeated, and let’s not forget that they are a lot of crappy video games. Let’s embrace this problem as an opportunity though — challenge yourself to improve your time management skills in order to take on your highest form as a gamer. Let’s talk about having Too Many Games Too Little Time.

Identify the Problem – Too Many Great Video Games to Play

With the variety of AAA titles, RPG games and indies released each day, it can be tough to narrow down which games to play. What games are bad and what games are good? Contrary to the doomsday depressing voices of the Internet I believe that this is the best time to be a gamer, because even though there is a lot of bad video games, there are more great and good video games that you have time to play anyway.

There’s just so many good video games out there! Luckily, services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus are here to provide us with access to huge libraries of great titles at an affordable price. We can download and play titles, technically for free until we can decide if it’s worth buying the game and when we buy it, we can also get it on sale saving us money. Although we may still struggle with deciding what game to play next, these services make it a lot easier than trying to keep up on the variety of releases while sticking to a budget!

Analyze Your Gaming Habits – Determine What Genres You Enjoy Most

With the plethora of video games available today, it can be overwhelming to decide which game to play. It’s important to analyze your gaming habits and determine what genre of games you like most. Whether RPG, action-adventure, FPS, survival-horror, story-based or racing – understanding what you enjoy playing can make it easier to choose from the hundreds of options.

Read up on developers of games that you like and when testing games on Xbox game pass or PlayStation plus you don’t lose any money by testing out games within the genres that you like.

Make a List of Must-Play Titles – Prioritize Games by Need

Personal lists of must-play titles are the key to making sure you get the most out of each gaming session. Taking a few moments to prioritize your games by need allows you to maximize each gaming experience and make sure you’re playing what you want, when you want. Not having to sift through an ever-growing list of great video games means that you can dive right into your selection of must-play titles with unbeatable focus, giving yourself the best chance at enjoying every second of it!

Hi, make use of the Xbox list making feature to put games in there by genre or current back catalog where I keep track of what I’m currently trying to complete. Play station five now allows you to have folders also which act in the same manner.

I do recommend that you exercise caution when adding multiplayer video games to your list, because those will never end, therefore delaying your completion and enjoyment of other video games.

Take Advantage of Xbox Game Pass & PlayStation Plus

With the Xbox Game Pass, you can access hundreds of amazing titles for both Xbox and PC, giving you an incredible variety of games to choose from. And if that’s not enough, now with the PS5 out and Playstation Plus doing their subscription deal, gamers are able to take advantage of a growing library of games – both classics and brand-new releases! You can get exclusive offers on blockbuster titles from both Xbox and Playstation platforms without having to break the bank. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on a huge selection of gaming experiences available for both Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 – explore the library of games that have been made available with monthly subscriptions today!


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Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things – Take a Chance on Something Different

Xbox game pass and PlayStation plus make trying something new easier than ever before! Take a chance on something different and unlock amazing experiences you never knew existed. With Xbox game pass and PlayStation plus, you can explore different genres of gaming, or stick with what you love. There are so many amazing video games out there for you to choose from – don’t be afraid to try the unfamiliar – jump in and have an unforgettable time!

Set Aside Time for Gaming – Schedule Gaming Sessions into Your Calendar

Time management is a crucial part of modern gaming, as the sheer vastness of games available can make it difficult to choose which ones to devote our attention to. To stay on top of things and make sure that gaming does not overwhelm our lives, it is important to set aside specific time for gaming sessions – and treat them like any other aspect of everyday life by entering them into your calendar. Doing so can help keep family time, sleep schedules, and even healthy eating habits from being too heavily neglected when the latest game releases. Planning ahead ensures that we do not overspend in time or money when fulfilling our various gaming needs.

Too Many Games Too Little Time

In conclusion, modern day gaming can be intimidating and overwhelming but having a mindful approach will help eliminate feelings of anxiety. If you know what genres of games you enjoy, prioritize which titles you want to play first, look for deals or specials to save money, always challenge yourself with something new, and make time for gaming sessions can help improve your overall gaming experience. It’s important to recognize the reality that there are simply too many great video games to play nowadays and making smart decisions about how best to spend your gaming time is key. So take a deep breath and start exploring! Knowing your own tastes and preferences is truly empowering. How do you manage to play the video games that you want to? Share your tips in the comments below.

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