Tips & Tricks around G Fuel

There are a lot of tips & tricks around G Fuel that can save you money!

Over the last couple years G Fuel has become the most popular gaming energy drink on the market. While there are many many competitors trying to push their way in, G Fuel has been able to remain the market leader. 

In this article I will share with you some tips and tricks around G Fuel, the cheapest way to get started, flavours I can recommend and flavours I would stay away from. If you would like to know more about G Fuel, check out my full list of G Fuel articles.

Starter Kits

The cheapest way to get started is with G Fuel’s Starter Kits. For $15 + shipping, you get a shaker and 7 different flavoured servings. There are multiple starter kits available on the website, however the only difference between them, is the shaker that comes in the kit. The flavors are the same between all kits.

The starter kits often vary, depending on the shakers and shaker sizes G Fuel has available. If your favourite shaker does not come with a starter kit, chances are it will be rotated soon, so waiting a bit might be worth it for you.

You can shop all starter kits here: G Fuel Starter Kits

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Boxes vs Packs

If you already have a shaker and you rather get some samples, you have the option to buy packs by themselves or a pack box. The packs themselves come in pairs of 3 for a total of $5, coming down to $1.67/sample pack. 

A box contains 20 servings and runs at either $25 or $30 per box. For $25 you get 20 servings of the same flavour which comes down to $1.25/serving. If you want to mix and match your own box, the box runs at $30 and you can add 4 flavours, 5 packs each, breaking it down to $1.5/pack.

From a pure financial aspect, buying a box is cheaper than buying the packs separately. Of course there is the downside of only getting 4 flavours.

You can shop all boxes here: G Fuel Boxes

You can shop all packs here: G Fuel Packs

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If you want to get your money’s worth, then tubs are by far the cheapest option. A tub usually runs at $36 and comes with 40 servings, costing you 90 cents/serving. But you can save even more. 

G Fuel sponsors a lot of creators, so you do not have to look far, to find a discount code for at least another 20% off. The best deal G Fuel has to offer is the Buy One Get One Free deal. This deal happens a few times per year and you get 2 tubs for the price of one. In my opinion it is absolutely worth waiting for this sale to come around instead of buying at full price. If you wish to not miss the sale, you can sign up for email notifications through the website.

You can shop all tubs here: G Fuel Tubs

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Good & Bad Flavours

Buying a whole tub of a new flavour can be scary. What if you do not like the flavour, then you are stuck with it. If this is your first time trying G Fuel I’d recommend Peach Ice Tea. This flavour is very pleasing and Ice Tea is a flavour and term most of us are familiar with and G Fuel’s version does hold up to the expectations.

Faze Sourberry is a good example of where I regret buying a whole tub. The original formula of Sourberry was very sour but with their new formula, the only thing that remains is sweetness, so the absolute opposite of sour. A flavour I definitely do not recommend.

Pewdiepie and Cherry Limade are flavours that are sweet, they do taste a bit like cherry and berry, but are mostly sweet. Two pleasant flavours I would recommend if you are looking for something sweeter.

If you want to learn more about G Fuel, check out the list of articles above, and if you have more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me either through Streaming Live Academy or my socials.


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