Tips on catching Rockruff Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go took the world by storm when it was released, and it is certainly a good app that you should try out. There are so many different pokemon that you can catch and enjoy. It mixes augmented reality and the real world, so it feels like you are playing with your Gameboy but with the real world, so it gives that extra flavor of adventure and fun. You get to become a Pokemon trainer and go to places to catch the Pokemons. If you have already tried it out, then you know just how addicting it could be. It is no wonder that a lot of people are playing it. In case you are looking for tips on catching Rockruff Pokemon Go, then you have come to the right place. Below is everything you will need to know about it.

Playing the game

Before anything else, it would be nice to know just how much fun you will be getting when you decide to play the game. For many people, it is something that they consider a pastime, a good way to enjoy the game and get over being bored. However, for some die-hard fans, this is a competition to see who will get the most pokemon. It is all fun and exciting to check it out and get you addicted within the first few hours of playing it. If you happen to like traveling and going out, this is certainly a must-try. There are so many reasons you should play it, and below are some of them.


The best reason you ought to start playing this game is that it is a good way to exercise. Besides finding Rockruff Pokemon Go, you will be able to enjoy getting out and enjoying the weather outside. Unlike all the other popular games that do not require you to move out of your bed, this one makes you go around your block or house trying to search for pokemon. Even then, you will not be sure which one you will get, which adds to all the excitement. You are forced to move around, which is very healthy for your body, so that is something to think about. You can go to a lot of different places to get specific items. For people who like going out, this is certainly the perfect game.

Rockruff Pokemon Go
Rockruff Pokemon Go

Meet new people

Another thing that you might want to note is that you get to meet new people because of this game. If you are looking to find friends, this is the way to go. You can meet new people playing the game and easily figure out who is playing it. The best part is that you can go and search for pokemon with your new friends, which makes the hunt so much more exciting. There are a lot of Facebook groups dedicated to locating where the pokemon are located, so that would help you out. You can get involved with your local group and make new friends so that you can catch up with them. You can even ask them to start locating Rockruff Pokemon Go with you so that you have people to be within this new adventure you plan on setting on.

Discover new areas

If you are not someone who usually goes out of your house, then this game will help you learn about some new places. You normally have to go from one location to another, and since you have joined a group dedicated to finding new pokemon, they will tell you where to go. If you do not know where they have listed are, you get to explore it and figure out how to go to it. You get to discover new places that you can go to, and who knows, maybe you will find yourself a new favorite spot in the midst of playing. Make sure that you stock up on water and some trail food so that you would have no worries about your health. The app also comes with a virtual map so that you get to figure out where you are so that you would not get lost.

Brings people together

Without a doubt, it takes finding just Rockruff Pokemon Go, and it can bring people together; that is the fun in playing games. You get people with the same interest doing something you both like, and you make new friends out of it. People are actually putting all of their differences aside so that they can all catch new pokemon. It sounds silly, but that is the truth, and it is beautiful. It proves that if someone all has a common goal, they can work together to achieve it. People park their cars and get out to find pokemon, lessening the traffic output in the streets. Sometimes, these small things can have such big impacts, and before you know it, you find yourself in the middle of it all.

Fun and enjoyable

Without a doubt, playing Pokemon Go is a fun thing to do because it is both enjoyable as much as it is addictive. You would be able to enjoy it and engage yourself with the entire community. The fact that you can play it with your mobile device adds up to the excitement. Augmented reality really gives you a different experience that you cannot get anywhere else. You ought to give it a try and see for yourself why you should check it out.

Finding Rockruff

Finding Rockruff Pokemon Go can be quite a struggle for a lot of people. It was originally found in the Alola region, but a lot of people are wondering if it has been released in the game yet and if they can find it. If you are looking to find it, you might want to join a dedicated group, but to help you out, it is #744 in Pokemon Go, so you should be able to at least locate it with that.

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