The Ultimate Guide to Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: Tips and Tricks for Dominating the Game

The Ultimate Guide to Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring: Tips and Tricks for Dominating the Game

Elden Ring is a game that has the hearts of many gamers beating with excitement. The epic game is no doubt one of the most anticipated games of the decade. As we wait patiently for the game to be released, rumors and speculations have been circulating the internet about what we can expect from the game, and how we can build our character to be the ultimate champion. In this article, we will discuss the Death’s Poker build in Elden Ring, and share tips and tricks that will help you dominate the game.

What is Death’s Poker Build?

Death’s Poker Build is a build that focuses on raising your intelligence to the maximum level. This build is used to create the most powerful mage in the game, capable of using powerful spells to eliminate enemies from a distance. The build is named after the Death’s Poker, a weapon that is well suited for this type of character. The weapon is a staff that has a long reach and can be used to cast spells. The weapon can also be used to strike enemies at close range.

Tips for Dominating with Death’s Poker Build

1. Choose the Right Class

The first step towards creating a successful Death’s Poker Build is to choose the right class. The classes that are best suited for this build are the Sorcerer and the Pyromancer. These classes have high intelligence stats and will provide you with a good foundation for your build.

2. Maximize Your Intelligence

Maximizing intelligence is key to this build. Intelligence affects the effectiveness of spells you cast and the damage they do. You’ll want to level up intelligence as much as possible while also balancing your other stats. Focus on getting your intelligence to at least 50-60 points.

3. Utilize Magic

As a mage, your primary attack will be your spells. Maximize your spell slots and equip spells that complement your build. Always have a variety of spells on hand to counter different enemies.

4. Upgrade Your Weapons and Armor

Don’t neglect upgrading your weapons and armor. While you may rely heavily on spells, having backup weapons and good armor is essential. Choose armor that enhances your stats and provides good protection, and upgrade your weapons to increase their damage output.

5. Use Rings and Other Items Effectively

Rings and items play a critical role in this build. You’ll want to use items that help to increase your intelligence, spell power and defense. Spells like the “Great Magic Shield” and “Crystal Magic Weapon” can be used to give you a competitive edge in battles.


1. Is Death’s Poker Build the best build to use in Elden Ring?

No, Death’s Poker Build is not necessarily the best build in Elden Ring. However, it is a viable and useful build for players who want to focus on using powerful spells.

2. What spells should I use for Death’s Poker Build?

You should equip a variety of spells that complement your build. Some of the useful spells for Death’s Poker Build include “Crystal Soul Spear”, “Homing Soulmass”, and “Soul Greatsword”.

3. Can I mix Death’s Poker Build with other builds?

Yes, you can mix Death’s Poker Build with other builds. However, it’s essential to make sure that the builds you choose to mix complement each other.

4. What are some of the weaknesses of Death’s Poker Build?

The primary weakness of Death’s Poker Build is its reliance on spells. If you run out of spells or cannot get close to your enemies, you may struggle in battles.

5. Can I use Death’s Poker Build in PvP?

Yes, Death’s Poker Build is viable for PvP. However, you may need to adjust your spellcasting style to account for player movement and tactics.


Death’s Poker Build is a powerful build in Elden Ring that can put you at the top of your game. By focusing on intelligence and spellcasting, you can create a mage that can bring down enemies from a distance. Utilize the tips and tricks provided here to maximize your build and become the champion of Elden Ring.

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