The Ultimate Death’s Poker Build Guide for Elden Ring: Unleashing the Ultimate Power!

The Ultimate Death’s Poker Build Guide for Elden Ring: Unleashing the Ultimate Power!

Are you ready to take on Elden Ring with an incredibly powerful build? Look no further than the Ultimate Death’s Poker Build!

With this build, you’ll be able to crush your enemies with your powerful melee attacks, devastating spells, and unstoppable defense. So, let’s dive into the details of this build!

1. Choosing the Right Class
To start off this build, we recommend choosing the Fighter class. This class provides strong melee abilities and high endurance, which are essential for the Death’s Poker Build.

2. Weapon and Armor Choices
Next, we need to choose the right weapons and armor for this build. For weapons, we recommend using a Greatsword, possibly the Hanged Man’s Sword or the Nihilistic Blade. For armor, the Black Knight Armor or the Dragonrider Armor should suffice.

3. Spells and Miracles
In addition to our melee abilities, we also need to have some spells and miracles to complement our build. We recommend the Black Fire Orb, Dark Blade, and Dark Hail spells, along with the Sacred Oath miracle.

4. Rings and Items
To further enhance this build, we recommend equipping the following rings and items: Ring of Favor and Protection, Carthus Milkring, Prisoner’s Chain, and the Sun Princess Ring. The Lloyd’s Sword Ring and the Ring of the Sun’s First Born are also solid choices.

5. Attributes
Finally, we need to invest in the right attributes to fully maximize this build. Focus on leveling up Strength, Endurance, and Intelligence to be able to wield our weapons, endure the toughest battles, and cast powerful spells.

Now, you’re ready to unleash the Ultimate Death’s Poker Build in Elden Ring. Crush your enemies, survive the toughest battles, and rise to the top!


1. Is this build suitable for PvP?
Yes, this build can be a formidable opponent in PvP.

2. Can I change the weapon selection?
Absolutely, choose weapons that fit your playstyle!

3. Can I use this build for co-op?
Definitely, this build is versatile and can work in co-op situations.

4. What is the best way to level up attributes for this build?
Focus on leveling up Strength, Endurance, and Intelligence.

5. Will this build work for NG+, or higher difficulty levels?
Yes, this build is designed to work well in higher difficulty levels and NG+.

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