The Ultimate Death’s Poker Build for Elden Ring: Unlocking Unbeatable Power

The gaming community is eagerly anticipating the release of Elden Ring, the upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco. Among the many aspects of the game, one of the most exciting and intriguing elements is the variety of builds that players can create for their avatars. In this article, we will explore the ultimate death’s poker build for Elden Ring and how to unlock unbeatable power in the game.

What Is the Death’s Poker Build?

The death’s poker build is a powerful and unique build that emphasizes heavy damage output and defensive capabilities. It is ideal for players who prefer a more direct combat approach, relying on brute force and overwhelming strength to defeat enemies.

To achieve this build, one needs to focus on three key areas: stats, weapons, and abilities. Each of these elements plays a significant role in creating the ultimate death’s poker build.


In Elden Ring, the stats of the player’s avatar determine its performance and capabilities. For the death’s poker build, players should focus on the following stats:

– Strength: This is the most critical stat for the death’s poker build. It increases the damage output of heavy weapons and allows the player to use heavier equipment without losing mobility.
– Endurance: This stat affects the player’s stamina and determines how many attacks they can perform before running out of stamina.
– Vitality: This stat affects the player’s health and determines how much damage they can withstand from enemies.
– Dexterity: This stat affects the speed and accuracy of the player’s attacks and the speed at which they can dodge and block attacks.


To maximize the potential of the death’s poker build, players should use the following weapons:

– Two-handed greatswords: These heavy and hard-hitting weapons are ideal for the death’s poker build. They require a high level of strength to wield and dish out massive amounts of damage with each strike.
– Shields: The death’s poker build requires a defensive approach, and shields play a crucial role in that. Players should use a heavy shield that offers high stability and damage reduction, allowing them to block attacks effectively.
– Heavy armor: The death’s poker build can benefit from wearing heavy armor, which offers increased defense and damage reduction, allowing players to withstand more damage while dishing out massive amounts.


The abilities of the player’s avatar can also contribute to the effectiveness of the death’s poker build. Some of the recommended abilities include:

– Second Wind: This ability rapidly regenerates the player’s stamina and can be invaluable during prolonged combat.
– Grit: This ability increases the player’s poise, allowing them to withstand more significant hits without staggering or flinching.
– Execution: This ability allows players to deliver a devastating finishing move to enemies in critical condition, dealing massive damage.

Unlocking Unbeatable Power

To unlock the unbeatable power of the death’s poker build, players need to master the art of combat and be strategic in their approach. The following tips can help:

– Focus on strength: By prioritizing strength stats and using two-handed greatswords, players can maximize their damage output and take down enemies faster.
– Stay defensive: The death’s poker build is all about defense, so players should focus on blocking and parrying attacks. Using shields with high stability and defensive abilities like Grit can be beneficial.
– Be patient: The death’s poker build requires a patient approach. Players should wait for their enemies to make a mistake before striking with powerful attacks.
– Use abilities wisely: Abilities like Second Wind and Execution can be game-changers in difficult combat situations. It’s essential to use them wisely and strategize when to unleash them for maximum impact.


The death’s poker build is an excellent choice for players looking for a direct approach to combat. By focusing on strength stats, two-handed greatswords, and defensive capabilities like shields and heavy armor, players can create an unbeatable avatar that can withstand anything Elden Ring throws their way. The key is to be patient, strategic, and above all, master the art of combat in the game.


1. Can the death’s poker build be used in multiplayer?

Yes, the death’s poker build is a viable option in multiplayer. However, players should be aware of the limitations and adjust their strategy accordingly.

2. What other abilities can be useful for the death’s poker build?

Abilities like Rampage, which increases damage output, and Silent Strike, which allows players to sneak up on enemies, can be beneficial for the death’s poker build.

3. How important is Endurance for the death’s poker build?

Endurance is crucial for the death’s poker build as it determines how many attacks the player can perform before running out of stamina. This can be a determining factor in prolonged combat situations.

4. What are some weaknesses of the death’s poker build?

The death’s poker build can be slow and lack flexibility, making it vulnerable to fast and agile enemies. It can also be challenging to use in tight spaces and narrow corridors.

5. Can the death’s poker build be customized?

Yes, players can customize the death’s poker build to suit their playstyle and preferences. Experimenting with different weapons, abilities, and stats can lead to unique and exciting variations of this build.

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