The Ultimate Death’s Poker Build for Elden Ring: Dominate Your Enemies and Crush Souls

The Ultimate Death’s Poker Build for Elden Ring: Dominate Your Enemies and Crush Souls

Elden Ring is the highly-anticipated upcoming action role-playing game by FromSoftware, the creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. As a Soulsbourne fan, you know how important it is to have the right build to tackle the bosses and enemies in the game. The Ultimate Death’s Poker Build could be just what you need to dominate your enemies and crush souls!

What is the Death’s Poker Build?

The Death’s Poker Build is a game build designed to take advantage of Elden Ring’s magic system. The build focuses on using melee weapons with certain enchantments and infusions that enhance their damage output. The build also utilizes magic spells and miracles that complement the melee attacks and provide additional effects.

The core of the build revolves around two main elements: Faith and Strength. Faith is important because it affects the effectiveness of miracles, and Strength is crucial because it determines the melee weapon scaling. The primary melee weapon for this build is a greatsword, which benefits from both high Faith and Strength stats.

The Ultimate Death’s Poker Build: How To Do It

To create the Ultimate Death’s Poker Build, follow these steps:

1. Choose your starting class: Knight
2. Distribute your starting stats:
– Strength: 24
– Vitality: 20
– Endurance: 20
– Faith: 30
– Dexterity: 16
– Intelligence: 10
– Luck: 7
3. Starting gift: Ring of the Exalted


The main weapons for this build are the Lothric Knight Greatsword and the Yellow-Dragon Greatshield. The Lothric Knight Greatsword scales well with both Strength and Faith, and can be infused with Blessed or Lightning for additional damage output. The Yellow-Dragon Greatshield has high stability and lightning defense, which is useful against bosses and enemies that use lightning attacks.

1. Ring of the Exalted: Increases Strength by 5 points
2. Ring of Favor: Increases Endurance, Vitality, and Equip Load by 3 points each
3. Chloranthy Ring: Increases Stamina regeneration rate by 12.5%
4. Sun Princess Ring: Gradually restores HP over time
5. Lloyd’s Sword Ring: Increases damage dealt by 10% when HP is at full health

1. Sacred Oath: Boosts attack, defense, and absorption for 60 seconds
2. Lightning Spear: Deals lightning damage to an enemy
3. Soothing Sunlight: Heals multiple allies massively
4. Homeward: Teleports the caster back to the last bonfire
5. Replenishment: Gradually increase the caster’s HP

1. Black Iron Set: Provides high physical and fire defense
2. Archdeacon Set: Provides high magic and dark defense
3. Sunless Set: Provides high lightning and bleed defense
4. Shadow Set: Provides high poison and curse defense


The Ultimate Death’s Poker Build is designed to crush your enemies and dominate souls in Elden Ring. With the right combination of Faith and Strength, you can wield the powerful Lothric Knight Greatsword and use devastating miracles and spells. The Yellow-Dragon Greatshield and a combination of rings and armor provide the necessary defense and durability to help you survive against tough bosses and enemies.


1. Can I use a different starting class instead of Knight?
Yes, you can choose any starting class that suits your playstyle. However, the Knight class provides a good balance of stats for the Death’s Poker Build.

2. Should I prioritize Faith over Strength or vice versa?
Both Faith and Strength are important for the Death’s Poker Build, but prioritize Strength early on to maximize your melee damage output.

3. Can I use other weapons besides the Lothric Knight Greatsword?
Yes, other greatswords or weapons with good scaling in Strength and Faith can work as well. However, the Lothric Knight Greatsword is a powerful weapon that benefits greatly from the Death’s Poker Build.

4. How do I obtain the Yellow-Dragon Greatshield?
The Yellow-Dragon Greatshield can be obtained by defeating the Armored Centipede in the Valley of Defilement.

5. How do I obtain the Sacred Oath spell?
The Sacred Oath spell can be obtained by trading the Soul of the Dancer to Ludleth of Courland in Firelink Shrine.

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