The Surprising Reason Your Pokemon Won’t Obey You: Exploring the Phenomenon

The Surprising Reason Your Pokemon Won’t Obey You: Exploring the Phenomenon

If you’re a Pokemon trainer, you know that one of the biggest challenges you face is getting your Pokemon to obey you. Despite your best efforts, some Pokemon just won’t listen to your commands, making battles frustrating and difficult to win. But have you ever wondered why this happens? Is there a reason why some Pokemon won’t obey you, or is it just a matter of luck? As it turns out, there is a surprising reason why your Pokemon won’t obey you, and it has to do with something called “friendship”.

What is Friendship in Pokemon?

In the world of Pokemon, friendship refers to the bond that exists between a trainer and their Pokemon. This bond affects many aspects of the game, including a Pokemon’s ability to listen to their trainer’s commands. In other words, the more a Pokemon trusts and respects their trainer, the more likely they are to obey them.

How is Friendship Calculated?

Friendship is calculated using a hidden value known as “Friendship Points” (FP). These points are earned by completing certain actions with your Pokemon, such as battling together, walking together, and using certain items. As your Pokemon’s FP increases, so does their friendship level, which can affect their behavior in battle.

What Does Friendship Do in Battle?

In battle, a Pokemon’s friendship level can affect their behavior in a number of ways. For example, a Pokemon with high friendship may be more likely to:

– Follow commands: A Pokemon that trusts and respects their trainer is more likely to follow their commands during battle, making it easier to win.
– Avoid critical hits: A Pokemon that trusts their trainer is less likely to get hit by critical attacks, which can deal massive damage.
– Evade attacks: A Pokemon with high friendship is more likely to dodge attacks, helping them survive in battle.
– Land critical hits: When a Pokemon has high friendship, they are more likely to unleash powerful critical hits on their opponents, making it easier to win battles.

Why Won’t Some Pokemon Obey Me?

If you’re having trouble getting your Pokemon to obey you, the most likely reason is that their friendship level is too low. In other words, your Pokemon doesn’t trust or respect you enough to follow your commands. This can be frustrating, but there are ways to improve your Pokemon’s friendship level.

How Can I Improve My Pokemon’s Friendship Level?

There are several things you can do to improve your Pokemon’s friendship level:

– Spend time with them: The more time you spend with your Pokemon, the more their friendship level will increase. This could include battling together, walking together, or even just talking to them.
– Feed them: Giving your Pokemon certain types of food can increase their friendship level. For example, feeding them berries and poffins can boost their friendship significantly.
– Use certain items: Items like the Soothe Bell and the Exp. Share can increase a Pokemon’s friendship level.
– Take care of them: Making sure your Pokemon is healthy and happy can also increase their friendship level.

In conclusion, if you’re having trouble getting your Pokemon to obey you, it’s not just bad luck. Your Pokemon’s friendship level plays a big role in whether or not they’ll listen to your commands. By spending time with your Pokemon, feeding them, and taking care of them, you can improve your friendship level and make battles easier to win.


1. Can all Pokemon reach maximum friendship level?
No, some Pokemon have lower starting friendship levels or require more effort to increase their friendship level.

2. Can my Pokemon’s friendship level decrease?
Yes, if a Pokemon faints in battle, their friendship level will decrease. Additionally, using certain items like the Herbal Medicine can decrease a Pokemon’s friendship level.

3. Can a Pokemon’s friendship level affect their evolution?
Yes, some Pokemon require a certain friendship level in order to evolve. For example, Eevee must have high friendship to evolve into Espeon or Umbreon.

4. What is the maximum friendship level a Pokemon can have?
A Pokemon can have a maximum friendship level of 255.

5. Are there any negative effects of having high friendship?
No, there are no negative effects of having high friendship. However, some moves such as Frustration and Return can deal more or less damage depending on a Pokemon’s friendship level.

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